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A Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Bowl

What Is A Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Bowl

A Feng Shui salt water cure bowl is also known as the “Anren Shui” 安忍水 (literally means water to pacify and to endure), is a great way to expel the negative challenging energies, keeping them in harmony and stimulate positive vibes. This technique has been used in Feng Shui for thousands of years and can be traced all the way back to the Song Dynasty. It is effective and results are prominent if you set it up correctly.

The use of the salt water cure is especially emphasized when the environment is subjected to various “Sha Qi” (Negative Energy). Businessmen use them in the office to combat those negatives effects and homeowners use them to attract wealth and abundance by placing the bowl at the wealth corner of their home.

Setting Up The Salt Water Cure Bowl

The setting up is pretty simple but, first, you must make sure that it is placed away from all active areas as you do not want any disturbance of this Feng Shui Cure after the initial set up. (eg. Pets and Children). As time goes on, the appearance of the bowl will change, depending on the amount of negative energy in that space, it is also a way of interpretation of the phenomenon as the “Sha Qi” that have gathered.

So let’s get started, the items required are:

  • Six coins – Use the ancient Chinese coin with that wording facing up.
  • Container – Recommend using glass or ceramic bowl or jar.
  • Salt – We recommend sea salt because it symbolizes large bodies of water like the ocean.
  • Fresh Water.

Fill up three-quarters of the container with sea salt and lay those coins on top in a circle formation like the Plum Blossom Flower. Please take note that the four Chinese characters are facing up. Slowly fill up the container with water to the top. Keep in mind that the salt water cure bowl should always be exposed to the air and never be covered or placed in a cabinet or cupboard.

Eventually, the salt will crystalise and expand due to the absorbance of the negative energy and starts crawling out of the container. This will likely damage anything that is underneath it, therefore it is advisable to place a sizeable mat or another container under it. Finally, the container should be fairly accessible to you so that it can be easily refilled as the water evaporates.

When Should It Be Replaced

In some places, if the energy is too strong, the bowl has to be replaced every few months, otherwise, it is normally replaced on the Chinese New Year. It all depends on the energy in that space that caused the crystal to build up. Although they should be renewed on Chinese New Year they can be set up on any day of a full moon of the year.

The Disposal Of The Old Salt Water Cure

At the end of the year, your salt water cure had fulfilled its role by clearing and absorbing all the bad elements, it’s time to release them back to nature. Pour away the water into a river or drain (away from your location) and place the container and coins in a sealed bag, throw them straight into the garbage bin. Do Not Recycle the container and coins, you will be Guaranteed bad luck if you do so.

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