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Amethyst Crystal Geode In Feng Shui

The Full Potential Of An Amethyst Geode Cave At Home

Using Amethyst crystal in Feng Shui may be one of the best ways to attract and receive positive energy. The Amethyst is considered to be a semi-precious gemstone, it is also the birthstone for the month of October. It has been a part of traditional Feng Shui practices and crystal healing for many centuries in ancient people of the Philippines, India, China and Tibet.

The gemstone occurs in various forms including amethyst geode caves and clusters, which are often used as tools in the art of Feng Shui. One of the best things about using these stones as tools in your home is that they are naturally resistant to negative energy and can help to promote overall health throughout the entire home. They are also known as the “Lovers Stone” due to their strong connection to love and relationships.

When using an Amethyst crystal geode to perform your Feng Shui practice, make sure your Amethyst geodes come in a cave form. The cave is best to be deep in the depth and containing lots of rich purple clusters inside so that it will be able to hold the QI to harness and traps positive energy, doubles up as mountains for protection and support.

When buying, do check for compatibility geode shape that matches your Zodiac sign ( Aquarius, Pisces, Dragon) and element – if there is one that does, you can be sure that it is a Feng Shui solution that would bring about positive energies.

The shape is an indication of the element as with the rule of the 5 elements.

  • Long and tall represents wood element
  • Triangular shapes symbolize the fire element
  • Flat ones related to earth
  • Rounded and spherical shapes are metal element
  • Irregularly shaped geodes have connotations to the water element

These guidelines will be particularly useful when you are personally using amethyst geode crystals to enhance your personal wealth luck or to boost good fortune and better relationships for a patriarch or matriarch.

The position and arrangement of the crystals are very important. It should be carefully done so that it would create harmony and prosperity in your home. Also, some experts say that crystals are indeed very good Feng Shui cures for your home, but it is important that you keep in mind that you should only place them in areas where they will benefit you.

If you have absolutely no idea, simply placed it at the 45-degree corner of your home, by standing at the front door of your home or bedroom looking in, and locating the farthest corner. That is where all your Qi in your home consolidates.

This area is associated with an abundance of all kinds and connected to benefactors, travel and relationship with people. Keep this area neat and clutters free, in this way, using this Feng Shui cure for attracting money will definitely bring you a lot of wealth and abundance in your life.

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