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Ear Itching – Omens & Superstitions

I believed you may have heard of the symbolic interpretation of the itching or twitching eyes. How about ear itching superstition? Most people don’t even know there is such believes and meaning behind itchy ears. So, is having an itchy ear superstition or an omen?

If you have been feeling uncontrollably itchiness to your ears out of the blue and it isn’t any part of a larger problem, then you might want to find out what it means based on Feng Shui believes or superstitions. One common idea is that when your ears itches, someone is thinking or talking about you, it can either be in a good or bad way.

Ear Itching Reference Table

According to the Feng Shui findings, the meaning differs depending on which period of the day your ear itches. The table below shows the meaning throughout the day:


Left Ear Itching

Right Ear Itching

 2300hrs – 0100hrs

Someone misses you and thinking of you

An omen that there will be a small loss of wealth

0100hrs – 0300hrs

An argument or conflict is incoming

You may face opposition or rejection.

0300hrs – 0500hrs

Possible loss of money. Someone will be profiting off you

You are going to encounter a pressure situation

0500hrs – 0700hrs

Invitation to a party event

A long-distance friend has news to share

0700hrs – 0900hrs

An upcoming journey is going to be a fruitful affair

You will meet the benefactor that positively impacts you in life.

0900hrs – 1100hrs

An auspicious event is going to happen to you

Good luck and fortune are coming your way

1100hrs – 1300hrs

You will receive good news from someone you care about.

Family and friends are visiting or contemplating it

1300hrs – 1500hrs

Receiving support from Mentors and noblemen

Expect a visit from someone who lives far away.

1500hrs – 1700hrs

Trivial things that cause you anxiety

An auspicious event is about to occur

1700hrs – 1900hrs

Financial loss beckons. Avoid gambling or risky investments.

An event will occur which will directly bring you prosperity

1900hrs – 2100hrs

A feasting occasion is incoming

News that you are waiting for will come from an indirect source

2100hrs – 2300hrs

Positive things are going to happen

Invitations to events and dinner.

Final Thoughts

It is good to learn about these superstitions believes especially if you are keen to find out the meaning yourself or at least in the future when someone speaks about it you know exactly what it means. It might vary a little across cultures, but generally, the overall meaning is quite simple and the same.

Last but not least, do not simply believe blindly in these superstitions if you are suffering from persistent uncontrollably itchiness to your ear. It might be a signal for you to seek a medical professional before it led to a serious medical problem.

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