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Feng Shui Aquarium Tips

Feng Shui Aquarium To Evoke Good Vibes

If you’ve decided to add an aquarium to your home or office, the Feng Shui of the tank is most likely something you’ve heard a lot about. This ancient art of positioning things in nature to draw positive energy and improve our lives is being rediscovered for the modern home. Therefore, the correct positioning, setting up and maintenance of the aquarium will become a perfect combination of harmony and balance in a given environment. But not all of us know where to start. Let’s tackle some basic concepts to help you get started.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese science that believes there are several different energies flowing through everything in and around us, especially our homes. The art of harnessing the energy to our advantage and keeping it well balanced and in harmony is what we’re looking for in Feng Shui. Aquariums are a great way to introduce natural water into your home, not only water element is found in an aquarium it actually consisted of the full spectrum of the five elements from Feng Shui perspective.

The Five Elements In A Fish Tank

Metal – Filter and Stand, Gold/Silver/White, Circle

Wood – Plant, Green, Long Rectangle

Water-Water, Black/Blue, Wavy Curves

Fire – Lighting and Heater, Red, Triangle

Earth – Gravel. Brown, Rectangle

When a fish tank is fully set up and in place, it actually gets in sync with all the energies with its surrounding, including you. Yes! Your energy…so please take good care of your fish tank as it reflects the condition of your current life.

Locations For A Feng Shui Fish Tank

Based on the Feng Shui Bagua Map, the 8 directional sectors belong to a particular elemental energy. They are:

  • Metal at west and northwest
  • Wood at east and southeast
  • Water at north
  • Fire at south
  • Earth at northeast, southwest and centre

From the harmony of elements perspective, water element should never come face to face with the fire, as you do not want the “crash of the two titans”, so the aquarium should avoid the South, Southwest, Northeast and the centre of the house. The rest of the directional areas all have an elemental base that is in harmony with water.

For a general layman, there are others ways that are simpler and direct. Simply place the fish tank at your wealth corner in your living room which is 45 degrees from the entrance, the farthest corner or near, but not directly facing the main entrance. (Preferably on the side)

Number Of Fishes

When it comes to the number of fishes in the tank, the most important factor is the size and space of your aquarium, it must be of an appropriate dimension for the number of fishes that you want. An overcrowded tank will affect the health of the fishes and causes death, which you do not want the sense of death in Feng Shui. In the end, it all depends on what fits your space and your lifestyle the best.

Based on the Feng Shui theories, there are some numbers of fishes that are considered unlucky and should be avoided, 2, 4, 5 or 7 fish in the aquarium are considered to be the number bringing bad omen or negative energy. These are based on the symbolic meaning of the numbers that they sounded in spoken Chinese and the interpretation of the “Flying Star School of Feng Shui”.

No doubt that the above two mentions are very significant aspects of the number used in Feng Shi, they are not widely used in determining the number of fish to use in a tank, instead, many are based on the symbolic meaning that is associated with the numbers. They are:

  • One: New beginnings
  • Three: Growth and development
  • Six: Mentor luck
  • Eight: Money and Abundance
  • Nine: Longevity, considered the luckiest number
  • Any multiples of three (333, 888, etc.): Triples luck of number

In general, the odd numbers belong to the “Yang” and even numbers belong to the “Yin”. Yang numbers are considered more auspicious. Most people stick to the 9 Flying Star numbers, the numbers 1, 6, 8, and 9 are the lucky stars. So those are lucky fish quantities to keep. There are too many theories about the best numbers, so don’t get too hung up on the exact number.

Feng Shui Fish

The most famous Feng Shui wealth fish will be the Arowana or dragonfish. They are known for their fast growth, aggression and dominance hance symbolize power and abundance. The number one choice of many businessmen.

The Flower Horn Fish is another option, they carry the same characteristic as the Arowana in addition to the look that resembles the god of longevity, it is also believed to bring good health to all the family members in the home.

Another popular Feng Shui Fish is the Koi fish, they are prized for their vibrance colour and the ability to live for a long period of time, these fish are normally kept in groups and thus earned them the symbolic status of longevity, abundance and wealth.

Goldfish are commonly kept in Feng Shui aquariums, especially in tanks for small spaces in today apartments. They are quite hardy and easily fit into one’s busy schedules. They represent lively energy of growth.

According to the feng shui guidelines, the best number for Koi and Goldfish are eight red and one black. The purpose of the black is to counter the Yin energy and absorbed the negativities. When choosing Koi, try to balance all elements presented in them based on their colours. ( the breeder will know)

If any of your fishes die, it is believed that it has taken the misfortune on behalf of you, so please offer gratitude for its energetic support and dispose of it with some ritual blessing. Replace your Feng Shui fish as soon as possible to revert the energy back to harmony.

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