Face My Shadow Self Through Meditation

What Is Shadow Self

People practice meditation for various reasons, be it religion or spiritual development. if you have been practising it for quite some time, you will definitely discover some things about yourself, of which some might not be pleasant. you called them “Shadow Self”

The shadow self can be described as a substance out of conscious control. In short, is not entirely or wholly self-aware. We experience life and interact with the world around us at the conscious mind level but what contributed to all the emotions and decisions go deeper beneath the conscious mind. It is what the therapist calls the “subconscious and the unconscious mind” or hidden side of our personality. This mainly influences and governance our life, yet we don’t know much about them.

Discover The Joy Of Rediscovering

Meditation is a powerful tool to Face Your Shadow as it calms your conscious mind and allows you to get in touch and dive deeper into what lies beneath. It works because the conscious and subconscious are connected. If you are not working with your energy, you cannot use the power of your mind to create any kind of change. As you practice long enough, you will notice some very dramatic changes in your life. You will be able to start doing things that you never thought you could do.

The Dark Side Of The Shadow Self

-difficult emotions
-hidden traumas
-“wild desires”
-negative thought patterns
-shame, guilt, regret
-aggressiveness, anger
unconscious fears
-unresolved emotional processes

During the process of facing the shadow self, the subconscious begins to realize how it is being used. It begins to reject behaviours that are not healthy and begin to work to manifest the behaviours that it needs to live in harmony with itself. This is the first step towards unleashing the incredible power of the mind. It takes a little practice to be able to do this, but once you get past the first steps, you can harness the mind’s potential to do amazing things.

The second part of the process involves working with the energy of your psychic energy. This is where all of your greatest achievements come from and where most of your fears are stored. You can cleanse your energy by working with your psychic energy and learning how to release its negative energy. When you learn how to release these energies, you will find that your life becomes more positive and your psychic abilities start to work in an entirely new way.

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