Meditation benefits both mental health and physical health

The benefits of meditation are many, both for our mental health and for our physical health. And it is that practicing this technique continuously can help us keep stress and anxiety at bay and, in the same way, it is also great to improve concentration.

The practice of meditation is included in different activities, such as yoga. Mindfulness is mainly based on different types of meditations that help us focus attention on what is important and then be able to extrapolate this knowledge to daily life.

4 benefits of meditating before bed

Many people have problems with sleep, and sleeping well is very important to be healthy. Insomnia is a fairly common ailment, especially in our society. Anxiety, depression, or stress, as well as other physical conditions, can negatively affect sleep.

Meditating before bed can change a person’s sleep routine and, in the long run, can help them get the necessary hours of sleep without interruption, resting properly. The quality of sleep has a direct impact on health. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, and the practice of meditation in the medium term will have obvious benefits in both, as we tell you below.

1. Deeper sleep

Meditating before going to sleep will make us have a much more restful and deep sleep. It will prevent us from waking up several times during the night , and the consequent complication of going back to sleep later.

Meditation helps calm our mind, which in this way will be much more receptive to rest. We will remove worries and we will not fall asleep thinking about negative things, but we will have a state of tranquility and calm that will be beneficial for rest. It is quite common that if we have worries, we think about them before going to sleep, which does not benefit a restful sleep.

2. Get up in a better mood and with more energy

By sleeping much better, we will wake up with more energy and in a good mood. Sleeping poorly, for a few hours and discontinuously for several days in a row, causes us to be in a bad mood and causes headaches.

Waking up in a good mood and with much more energy is one of the benefits of meditating before sleeping. Starting the day on the right foot is important so as not to arrive at noon exhausted, both physically and mentally.

Meditation activates parts of the brain that are related to positive responses, that is why, if we get used to meditating before sleeping, we will end up noticing this effect.

3. Helps with concentration

Concentration is one of the issues that is most affected when we sleep badly. And it is that the worries that we drag throughout the day end up taking their toll. With meditation before sleep, we create a barrier and start over.

In addition, it is a practice that can help you gain concentration in the medium term. Many meditation techniques include pushing away worries and focusing on a specific point, place, or sensation. Also, within mindfulness, the ability to observe thoughts as a mere spectator is worked on, without judging them or judging ourselves. All this favors the ability to concentrate.

4. Lower the heart rate and avoid cardiovascular complications

Another great benefit of meditating before sleeping is that our physical health will also be positively affected by it. Studies have been carried out showing that people who have incorporated meditation into their routines have a 50% lower risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

Try to do meditations every night, you don’t need a lot of time. There are guided meditations on YouTube, with durations between 2 minutes and 15 or 20. You can increase the meditation time as you practice, because at first, it may cost you to concentrate much more.

Meditation has great benefits for your physical health and your mental health. In the medium and long term, you can notice the results and feel much better.

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