Weird Meditation Experiences

Meditation is well known for its effectiveness in improving the overall well-being such as increasing the awareness of thoughts and emotions. But, for some people, it may trigger unpleasant or even distressing experiences. Some claimed that they become hypersensitive to light or sound during or after they meditate and others said that they experienced involuntary movements, fear, dizziness or headaches and anxiety instead of calmness and blissfulness.

In a study, researchers found that deep meditation can raise the frequency and awaken one’s intuitive abilities to perceive other worlds and other beings. Therefore, it is that energy vibration that draws and aligned you with strange experiences with the other realm and some people feel scared which made them abruptly stop their practice altogether.

Can Meditation Be Scary

I would say Yes, especially those stories from people who start getting insight from unseen forces, be it Angels, Masters or Spirits. Just thinking of the possibility already makes me nervous. There are some phenomena accounts that they experience such as automatic writing that reveal some profound truths from the ‘other side’; seeing flashes of colourful lights or seeing an event before it takes place. It might sound good to others and some people actually yearn for those experiences very much.

I have been practising meditation for years and also experienced something unexplainable. Every time during my session, I would be startled by any sudden sound, the impact was so great as if the soul would jump out of my body even though it is just a simple note. It is a very different kind of “scared” we had in our daily life and sometimes my ear would ring like someone suffering from tinnitus. There were times where I can feel the presence of another form of energy, like there’s “something” around me or that I’m being watched. That can be quite scary… When it happened, I will then focus very much on the mantra which I think is the best method to calm me and bring me back to the present.

I have discussed it with some practitioners and some said that the vibrational energy emitted during meditation draws those beings while some suggested that it was just a consequence of meditation activating something in the higher chakras. Whatever it is, I’m not ready to see or meet a spirit at this point in time. Thanks, but No Thanks!

Subconscious In Actions

A few years back I attended a Meditation Retreats. That’s where I first encounter people who went back in time. To keep it short, there was this guy in his mid-twenties who has a problem with urinating. He had sought many medical consultations from doctors but the diagnosed results were nothing wrong with him, they could not find the root of the problem and he has been living with it since his adolescence.

In one of our meditation sessions, he had a glimpse of a trauma from his childhood where he saw his step mum use a rubber band to tie around his penis to prevent him from urinating. He has got no impression of such event ever taking place and since his step mum had passed on, he bears no grudges against her. Maybe due to his forgiveness and able to let things go, it triggered the release of the knot in his subconscious. I can still vividly remember how happy he was as he could not contain the excitement and emotions when he realised that the problem was gone.

Lucid Dream

Another incredible experience happened to me during the last World Cup. I kept this to myself because it’s something unexplainable. I was trying out Savasava Meditation (Also Known as Corpse Pose) before sleep and I started having Lucid Dreams. It happened just before I was about to wake up in the morning and I was able to communicate with that “Voice” in my dream. Nothing scary, just like chatting with an old friend. I was been told or even saw the exact score of that specific match scheduled on the next day. I tried to brush off those thoughts when I wake up. But I had goosebumps and shiver down my spine when I watched the match the following day. It was the exact scoreline that was mentioned the night before, “in my dream”.

This process continued for the next five days into the World Cup Final. In between, I even asked why is he giving me all these and what he wants in return. He simply said that our fate had crossed its path. I then started to place my bet with the lottery company and managed to win a small fortune out of it. Till today, I still kept those winning tickets as a memento and I haven’t been very successful in finding any scientific backing for it yet.

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