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Change Your Perceptions, Change Your Reality

In today world, people claimed that perception is the foundation of reality. In the matter of fact, “Perception Is Not Reality” but can be someone’s reality because the perception determines how a person interpret, understand, process, decide and act on reality. The mind cannot comprehend a wider reality that is why the tendency to assume what a person perceived reality is to its true form is not accurate, it is too subjective.

We may live in the same reality, but all of us experience it differently. People tend to assume what they perceive the world, is the same as what others perceive it. Even though some are aware of the deliberately altered perception of reality, the mind still falls into this illusion as if they are real.

Some philosophers even stated the nonexistence of reality as it is only the outcome of a subjective construction based on the limitation of individual experiences and senses. For instance, when we describe the spectrum of colours. The red that you perceived might be a different red tone to the others and the range of sounds we can hear compares to animals is different, thus we cannot perceive an animal whistle doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in reality.

What you perceive is only a tiny fragment of reality. Your brain is incapable of fully comprehending reality on a moment-by-moment basis. Similarly, your unconscious unconsciousness contributes to negative beliefs and behaviours. If you are not conscious of your perception, your behaviour will be shaped by these perceptions.

Here’s the question, “What’s wrong with perception diverging from reality?” What if I perceive the world in a way that is out of touch with reality?  According to some psychological theory that posits that are called positive illusions which refers to the slight inflation of one’s capacities, can greatly enhance the psychological and practical benefits (e.g., gives hope, enhances persistence). Therefore, the effect can sometimes be beneficial to your overall well-being. However, if the perception deviates too far from reality and changes from mild illusion to delusion, then it can become a liability instead. (e.g., set impossible goals, inadequate preparation for a difficult task).

While we are indulging in our world of thoughts and the thinking of others, it is crucial to find the balance and align our perceptions as close to the reality of the world we live in as possible. Finding the consensus with others and maintaining governmental and societal structures that are necessary for life as we know it to exist. While each event in a chain is essential, a different perception may make a different reality. It’s a crucial factor in the creation of a new world. Here are a few tips for your reference:

  • Don’t assume that your perceptions are always right (just your reality)
  • Be empathetic. Try to put yourself in another person’s shoes. (they may be right)
  • Don’t hold your perceptions too tightly; they may be wrong (admitting it takes courage)
  • Recognize that you might be trapped in a paradigm of your perceptions (seeing them from different perspectives)
  • Challenge your perceptions (do they hold up under the microscope of reality?)
  • Seek out validation from experts and credible others (don’t just ask your friends because they likely have the same perceptions as you)
  • Be open to modifying your perceptions if the preponderance of evidence demands it (rigidity of mind is far worse than being wrong)

In future when someone proclaims that “Perception Is Reality”, ask them “How do they see the world? How does their reality look like? How does it differ from others? Let them know that they are all his perceptions and cannot represent the truths. If they insist and to avoid further altercation, well, let it to each of its own then.

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