Is Intuition A Part Of Spirituality

The Role Of Intuition

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;
we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We sometimes feel an unseen force or thought, trying to stop us from acting or a deliberate but soft voice whispering from within. These calling are your soul guiding you towards something related to your Divine Purpose. Most people called them “intuition”, a crucial part of both your physical and spiritual growth.

Intuition, in my opinion, is a spiritual gift. I believe it’s a gift from the “Universal Mind” or from god. I know there are those who think otherwise and confuse this with a “blessing of the spirit”. They fail to understand that intuition, just like all other gifts from God, is a part of the “Law of Attraction”, and it works for the good and evil people alike.

Intuition can be perceptive and help us discern the truth. But it’s not a “blessing”. Don’t ever make the mistake of confusing intuition with divination. When we use divination methods we take something away from the object of the divination. Our intuition, when applied, will bring us things into our life that we can’t see with the human eye. It’s always there but many of us have not become sensitive enough to notice.

Many people use their intuition to connect with the “Universal” way of thinking and feel a connection with something that has happened before. Sometimes it may be a loved one, a plant, or an animal. Most often however it’s related to the way we have felt or dealt with an event in our lives.

Here’s the secret: The Universal Laws always operates in the same way. You may experience one kind of intuition when you’re doing your meditation practice, for example. Or you might have other kinds of intuitions (though not all intuitive abilities are the same.) So, whatever you do or say, don’t try to give any kind of meaning or value to any kind of intuition that comes to you. Don’t try to make life or others work in your favour, or make someone feel bad or good because you” sensed” or “saw” them doing something.

That’s very spiritually irresponsible of you. Remember, intuition is the only tool you will ever need to open yourself up to the flow of Divine Love and to experience Its endless blessings. If you try to give meaning or value to any intuition, then you are blocking yourself from receiving what you truly are capable of. And if you feel like there is some kind of karma going on in your life, you’ve been suppressing or denying something inside that you can’t get back or understand, then this also is a karmic blockage.

Now if you were to ask an experienced intuitionist, what is the best way to enhance intuition? What would be the best meditation technique to help you become more sensitive to your intuition and more easily able to use it? What would be the best type of book or inspirational CD that teaches you how to harness your intuition? Who would I talk to? Who would I trust? Well, these are all valid questions.

Intuition is a part of all of us. Our good intuition can help guide us through life, showing us the way in times of darkness, doubts, making choices or challenging times… But many of us suppress and/or repress various types of intuition for various reasons. We may repress our inner intuition because we feel too intimidated by it or we may feel that others are judging us and that’s why we don’t want to share our gift or we are been caught up in the hustle and bustle of life in our ordinary state of consciousness.

Human instinct is much wiser and reliable compared to intellect in humans. Intuition is where all life’s meaning thrived, for it has no roots in any of the experiences and believes, it is infallible. It comes from our own source, from the universe….

Intuition is a part of your consciousness. You can’t speak to them neither can they hear you. Intuition is a seer, it does not create, it simply reflects the insight of a no-thought state. It is a gap, a nanosecond interval in the process of thought, and in that gap is the glimpse of truth.

Our intellect is limited, therefore sometimes we encounter problems that can only be resolved through our inner knowing. It is important to cultivate a habit of turning within yourself. Spare yourself some time, quiet your mind and listen to that small voice to bring you the answer or the truth that you are seeking. It will always be there even though you may not always hear it. The more you listen for it, the more sensitive and successful you will become at receiving and understanding it.

Intuition is your spiritual GPS trying to steer you towards something meaningful.  Listen for it when you’re lost. Listen for it when you’re surrounded by others’ advice. Listen for it when you think you already have the right answer.

When you discover your intuition, you will no longer need to put it on hold or hide it. You will be able to fully enjoy and benefit from your intuition. You will also have the peace of mind and strength to fully navigate the many challenges and obstacles that life throws at you. And the more you learn about your inner and outer spirituality, the more you will understand and honour your intuition as a spiritual gift that comes in handy in so many areas of your life.

Many people mistakenly think that intuition is related to religion. That is, intuition is viewed as a kind of “deity” or “divine intelligence” that is connected to religious beliefs. Is this true? Absolutely not! No one has ever seen a direct link between intuition and spirituality, and anyone who claims otherwise is probably hiding something very negative.

Intuition is a spiritual gift. Anyone can learn to tap into intuition. You do not need to be raised in the Catholic Church or Hinduism to receive its blessings and benefits. Intuition can come to you in a variety of ways including personal experiences, dreams, and through other spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, and yoga. In fact, intuition is a powerful force in the world and even God himself cannot resist it when it’s around.

As you begin to explore the mysterious realm of intuition, you will begin to understand what it is that makes you feel connected to your intuition. Intuition is not just what you think it is. It is in fact the awareness of something that is deep, yet invisible to the naked eye. This is the same thing that is going on inside of you. Intuition is your guide back to the loving Light that is within you.

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