Pendulum Divination – Sorcery Or Demonic Affiliation

Beginner's Guide To Pendulum Divination

Pendulum Divination is one of the simplest and easiest forms of divination. It is a wonderful tool to enhance a person intuition and to offer an insight into the possible future path in life. It is the bridging interaction also known as the Akashic Records between the user and their unconscious mind to draw out the inner truths and appropriate life paths based on intuition. Pendulum divination is not some kind of sorcery or magic, nor an act of any demonic affiliation. But, always remember regarding divination, that if you feel very strongly, you may influence the divination tool you are working with and it may produce incorrect answers.

Make Your Own Pendulum

To make things simple and put your mind at ease, making a pendulum does not need to be complicated, just choose something that speaks to you. It could be as simple as a stone or as complex as an expensive crystal on a fancy chain. As with anything relating to your power, open your heart and let your first pendulum present itself to you. With that said, here are the common pendulum materials and aspects to get you started if you’re new to pendulum work.

Pendulum Materials

There are no right or wrong ways regards to choose the materials of your pendulum. Just remember that the base is the heaviest and most prominent part, so choose something with a good weight or you can follow the traditional way of getting a pointed base instead. Alternatively, you can use something that speaks to you personally such as a wedding ring.

Stone – Natural stone is commonly used as a pendulum as it can be found anywhere and is often one of the most serendipitous materials to make your own pendulum.

Gemstones & Crystals – Crystals and Gemstones are extremely popular to use as the base for pendulums. They are mostly sought after for their energetic power and astrological correspondences. Choose one that speaks to you personally.

Wood – Trees harness the energy of the sun and moon to thrive. Therefore, dense hardwood is one of the perfect choices for making a pendulum especially for those who love the warmth of wood in their spiritual lives. Taking note to select one with a good amount of weight is important.

Bone – Some like to use Bone found in the wilderness as the pendulum. It is believed to possess spiritual properties that enhance the connection with the cosmic realms.

Chain Materials

A pendulum chain can be made from anything, so long they fit the bill of being flexible and well-wore to ensure good transmission. So, use one that is meaningful to you and suit your personal liking.

  • Leather
  • Cotton Cord
  • Chain – common or precious metals.
  • Plant Fibre

Cleanse And Charge The Pendulum

Once you have selected your ideal pendulum, you will need to cleanse and charge it before it is ready to use. You can energetically cleanse and super-charge your pendulum in the same way you would do to a crystal. For example, you might want to use salt for its cleansing (Beware chemical reaction), place it under the sun or the moonlight, use a singing bowl, light a smudge stick, and so forth. After this cleansing and charging process, your pendulum is only one step away from use.

Calibrate Your Pendulum

The final step before using your pendulum, you need to calibrate it. Simply keep your hand perfectly still and let loose the chain so that the weighted end is hanging freely, you can use something to support your elbow for stability. Ask a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question of which you already knew the answer is Yes. For example, “Am I a man” or “Do I live in New York?” Take note of the movement of the pendulum, whether it goes side to side, forwards to backward, or in some other direction. This indicates your “Yes” direction.

Repeat the process to identify the direction for the answer ‘No”. It is advisable to test it a few times with different questions for further confirmation. At the same time feel, the connections and how the pendulum responds to you in various directions. Once you’ve calibrated your pendulum and gotten to know more about it, you can try out some basic divination for yourself. However, you might need a bit of practise before you can get hold of it.

Use Your Pendulum Wisely

Never misused your pendulum, here are some words of caution:

  • the limited nature of pendulum divination. (For multi-layer answers try tarot, runes, I Ching, scrying, etc.)
  • Do not overly Refrain from using the pendulum when you are emotionally or mentally instable
  • Refrain from using the pendulum as a substitute for your medical advice
  • Approach your pendulum dowsing with an open and unbiased mindset
  • Understand reliant on pendulum divination, you are solely responsible for your decisions.

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