Self-development books should be read to inspire work

The importance of personal motivation at work
In recent years, numerous studies have been published that reveal that the self-improvement and self-esteem of workers greatly influence their productivity levels.

Simply put, a motivated worker is a happy worker and therefore a productive employee. However, although companies are aware of this fact, not all strive for the personal well-being of their workers.

Among the main causes of job, demotivation is stagnation that prevents workers from ascending to a position with better working conditions, lower than expected economic remuneration, or lack of communication or understanding between colleagues and bosses.

The best self-improvement books
They can be considered manuals or self-help books because of their ability to positively influence the reader’s attitude. If you are going through a bad time in the personal or work environment, we recommend you dedicate a few minutes a day to one of these books. Surely as you progress in your reading, you will realize that what you thought was impossible ends up being easier than it seemed at first.

The inner compass – Álex Rovira Celma
Available in Spanish, Catalan, and six other languages, this book by Álex Rovira Celma has managed to captivate more than half a million people around the world. The inner compass invites the reader to reflect on issues related to personal self-esteem through funny letters from a worker to his boss that help to understand life autonomously and happily. As its author indicates, we are the directors of our own life. It is up to us to achieve the personal goals and objectives that we set ourselves.

Emotional intelligence – Daniel Goleman
Many consider him the master of emotional intelligence. Daniel Goleman, in his book Emotional intelligence, analyzes the relationship between this concept and personal improvement in the workplace. The writer defends that certain skills, such as self-control, enthusiasm, perseverance and the ability to motivate oneself can be learned over the years if the right methods are used. cannot empathize or have close relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you will not go. very far ”, assures the author of this bestseller.

Motivation begins with oneself – Juan Luis Urcola Telleria
As its name suggests, this work by Juan Luis Urcola deals with personal motivation and self-esteem. Reading its pages is intended to serve as a guide for people who have a managerial position so that they learn to motivate others and also to motivate themselves. The book tries to promote a new model of direction and motivation based on placing the person as the protagonist and the main axis of action to achieve a suitable work environment. Its author has worked as director of Human Resources and is currently a consultant and trainer of people, promoting leadership, teamwork, and motivation.

Stop suffering at work – Steve Nobel
If you have ever felt that you have lost motivation in your work, you find yourself tired and you have put your ambitions aside, this book is for you. Stop suffering at work is the work of the well-known speaker and coach Steve Nobel who deals with the unhappiness caused by the work situation with which many workers will feel identified. In this book, you will find the necessary tools not only to find meaning in your work but also to live a fuller and happier life.

Never Stop – Phil Knight
Never Stop tells the story of the iconic Nike brand as told by its creator, Phil Knight. It all started with $ 50 and a simple idea: import cheap, quality athletic shoes from Japan. Today, Nike has a turnover of more than 30,000 million dollars a year and is perhaps the symbol best known by people from all corners of the world. In his memoirs, Phil recounts the many risks taken by the company from its inception to becoming a symbol of global success.

And you, have you lost motivation for your work? If so, we recommend reading these tips to stay motivated and get some of the self-improvement books that we have mentioned in this article.

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