Self-improvement: Is there always a way to win


However, winning is random. A triumph in sport depends on several factors: how the other team plays, the weather, the mood of the players, the referee, etc. In other words, the objective should not be to win, since there are certain elements that escape us. That is why the goal should always be to give the best.
If your son got a ten in school, don’t congratulate him on the grade. Ask, If he says yes, then congratulate him. And, if he rolls a four, ask him also: If his answer is yes, congratulate him on his attitude, for having done his best. Because, even if we don’t win the “external cup”, we will always have won with ourselves.

Giving the best of oneself leads us to continue growing, to seek a better result; but not starting from the objective of winning, but reflecting with the following questions:

Did I do my best?

Did I do it with the best intention?

Have I been the mom, the employee, the boss, the friend, etc., who gave their best?

On one occasion, a university student presented a monograph. In handing it back, the teacher wrote, “Is this the best you can do? The next day, when he took it back, he read that it said again: “Is this the best you can do?”
At this point, a bit angry, he returned, took the monograph, improved it, and resubmitted it two days later. The teacher wrote the same thing again: “Is this the best you can do?” Very annoyed with the situation, he improved it once more, but this time he decided to face the professor and said: “Professor, here is my monograph; this is the best that I can do ”. Then the professor looked at him and asked him. “Is this the best you can do?” The young man said: “Yes!” The man replied: “So now I’m going to read it.”

We must always focus on doing our best. That is, in giving the best that each one can give. But here it is appropriate to clarify that my maximum may not be the same as someone else’s. For this reason, it is totally useless to compare ourselves with others (parents, please, do not compare your children!). if you have done the best that you can do, according to the level of your strength and the evolutionary moment that you are going through, then, you should feel happy. This does not mean that you stay to live there and give up continuous improvement. But don’t compete with anyone; on the contrary, try only to surpass yourself, from a position of peace and balance with yourself.

That way, if on any occasion, things do not go as expected (you did not receive the first prize), even so, you will have won and you will enjoy calm and contentment with yourself. Today, the best internal sensation we can experience. e only thing that yields positive results is to be at one’s maximum and give as far as one is capable of giving.

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