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Phases Of Life

Life began vulnerably and dependent on others. Through personal development, we have grown to become independent and responsible for our own actions. The ultimate goal of personal development is to become a better person, someone you can count on.

Personal development and growth can be bewildering and yet enjoyable if you learn to appreciate the journey rather than the destination itself. Most often, we’re too impatiently focus on the end result and thus missed out so much on what the journey has to offer us. The whole journey seems and feels laborious, tiresome, rather than enlightening, pleasurable and enriching.

We are bound to meet some obstacles and difficulties in this transition process. We can’t change the course of what is happening, but we can alter our perception of difficulty. Every obstacle comes with a lesson, make sure we learn from the experience and save it in our database. Adopting this frame of mind helps us to respond constructively to difficulty because it helps us to see difficulties as challenges that can be overcome and also an important piece of the puzzle in our growth.

If you are trying to understand the idea of various stages in Personal Development, here are the few stages in the development cycle, observe them carefully and work on them tenaciously they will have a great impact on your entire life.

The Uncertain Stage

This is where you are uncertain and unaware of the main principle of life, usually referred to as the pre-personal growth phase. Feeling complacent and refuse to acknowledge life troubles, shortcomings and weaknesses. Well, all these usually happened in the early years of our life but many have difficulty making it out of this stage and stayed with them into their adulthood.

This developmental phase can incur lots of mistakes, but as life is a continual learning process it exposes you to learn new things about life growth all the same, isn’t it what personal development is all about. You have to act well and strike a balance, don’t grope in negativity, and don’t be too fanatical.

The Self Awareness Stage

In this stage, we start to evolve, with all experiences seeded from the past, growth stride to sprout. We understand the harsh realities of life in its entirety, self-realization is eminent, we forgo feelings that depreciates our self-worth and strive to forge ahead. We are open to new ideas and criticism; the eagerness to learn new things and acquired skillsets; understanding the importance of perseverance in difficult situations. Your sense of reality and consciousness of humanity becomes alive.

As you become more self-aware, you are more prepared to face all problems and challenges head-on rather than evading or pushing blames. Do remember to ditch those negatives trails such as fear, self-hate, procrastination and indecision… that will make you feel downtrodden or lose focus and hinder you from progressing. You can use a format that’s well known by most business students – the SWOT chart. (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats)

The Action Stage

“a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu”

With all the garnered knowledge and skillsets, it’s time to put your personal development plan into action. It might seem very overwhelming and compelling, where the whole process has brought you.  You have got here because you have done all that you are needed to get here.  So, borrow a motto from one of the world’s most successful companies – ‘Just do it!’

Use your personal development plan as your guide and you will be surprised how things get easier once you start the ball rolling. Strictly follow the laid-up plans, be discipline and refrain from any divergence in attention for whatever reason.

Reviews your plan and result regularly, make sure you keep your eye on the prize and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Reread your vision, check out your values mind map. If some ideas or project no longer makes sense, don’t hesitate to remove it from your personal development plan. Don’t hesitate to adapt the plan according to new interests or a change in circumstances. A good personal development strategy grows as you do.


It is important to realize that no matter which stage of self-growth you are currently in, you are always working towards the same goal. This goal is self-acceptance. Your self-esteem and self-image are tied directly to the way that you accept yourself. It’s important to work on this first, because if you do not accept who you are right now, then you cannot move forward to achieving more. You must believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. Once you are able to firmly build your self-esteem, it will give you the motivation you need to become a better person.

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