The idea of self-improvement that we get mainly in youth.

Self-improvement refers to that capacity that a person develops based on the intelligence and dedication they have to achieve the goals that they set themselves and with it grow as a person, emotionally, in work, social and family.

The desire to improve lives in each one of us, because that is where the resources that help in the path of growth are found: patience, tenacity, perseverance, passion, are some qualities that go directly with the will of the process of personal growth.

Overcoming as such has no limits, those are set by each person out of fear, for various reasons, since we have the ability to progress in knowledge, in awareness throughout life, but it depends on the vision that the future is taken as a projection of achievements. The will is the force that sustains the overcoming since they are characteristics that differentiate humans from animals and other beings with whom we share the earth.

So, self-improvement means being able to reflect on oneself, do introspection and continuous improvement by acting on the instilled beliefs and values, the same reflection being the one that theoretically leads to the practice of constant improvement.

The engine of life, the gasoline of motivation, is precisely overcoming, trying to be better in what we love, it is when a person aspires to more, to benefit, but without stepping on others, it is that wisdom that guides us To be competent, it is then a process of change,

Overcoming throughout life

The past is what makes us understand the present, and the present gives us the guideline to change the future, to improve it based on the analysis of yesterday’s mistakes, which help you obtain the experience and wisdom to avoid them in the present.

The entire process of self-improvement consists of leaving behind the habits and customs that in the past have not worked for us or have gotten us into trouble, making way for a new reality created and improved to grow in the present and future, achieving balance and growth. at an emotional level that will be reflected in the work and social aspects.

Currently, there are processes such as coaching, self-help books, and even disciplines such as yoga and Pilates that help to relax, reflect and reinforce self-improvement.

transmit knowledge and experience to students, children, and people. that surround us and remain on the roads of life.

The years, without a doubt, leave marks on the face, on the skin, and at the inner level that symbolizes maturity, wealth, experiences, and goals achieved. Overcoming is a decision that one makes from within to be happy and better day by day, in the medium, immediate, and long term, but to achieve it, you must have the determination to accept change, help, since no one can leave your darkness without wanting to do it.

The human level, power, and limits are within oneself in the mind… in the heart.

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