What Lies Beneath: Personality Development

Personality And Development Go Together

In this world, there are so many people and each person has a very different definition of what personality is. Human beings are very unique organisms. This is because they possess a very powerful element called the mind. They are the only creatures with this tool, not any other animal on the whole planet that has this element. The other animals have got the brain just like the human beings but the ability of their brain is only to some degree, unlike the human beings. And so because of our powerful minds, we are able to control the whole world. This is very important to note because it plays a very important part in personality. It is the one that develops, enriches and boosts our personality in both internal and external beauty.

There is multiple meaning of the word personality from different sources and the dictionary has got numerous meanings. One of the main meanings of personality is that it is a set of a person’s characteristics. This set is made up of a person’s attitude, interests, different ways of behaviour, the way one responds to emotions, the part that he plays in society and many other personal qualities that last for a very long time. These characteristics are the ones that make one attractive and also to be noticed and thus socially interesting. It could also mean a very well known person, a person who is famous an example of such a person is an entertainer or an athlete. It could also mean an extraordinary person who is distinguishing. It is also the features of being a person and which make you exist.

These are the meanings that only look at the outside of a person but then they are true. The only way that we can be able to know a stranger is through the outside or what he has worn. This is because we cannot know his character or behaviour from just looking at the person. Many people however judge one personality from the external that is looks. This is not supposed to be the case. To know the personality of a person you have to stay with them for some time.

Layers of Personality Development

Personality in its simplest definition is a combination of mental, physical and also behavioural characteristics and also characteristic patterns that we display in our life. Most people tend not to understand what personality development is and others go to an extent of ignoring its meaning in life. Personality is recognized mostly in the fields of profession. You will find that most firms train their staff on various skills like communication skills, leadership and also skills on how to be creative and many other skills. These are what they refer to as personality development.

This is true but the truth is that they have not covered personality development from a deeper perspective. This is because they have only dealt with the external part of personality development. The most vital part in this field is the body and the mind. There are so many books which are being sold in the markets which talk about ways of winning and being happy, but the question that you should ask yourself is how many people read them? These books will only talk about positive thinking but people do not know-how. Thinking will not make you positive, you need to act on your thinking. You have to tune your mind and also do a lot of practice on the same. You have got to have a strong foundation of the mind and body for you to come up with greater personality development.

A personality is actually a number of characteristic feelings, behaviours and thoughts which are related to an individual. Personality development will be improved in every sphere of a person’s life, whether it is with friends, office or in some other environment. The Vedantic idea of personality improvement is according to the concept of excellence of each and every soul and self-confidence to manifestation and realization of the inner knowledge. 5 dimensions take part in forming a person’s personality. They are:

  • conscious physical personality
  • subconscious
  • mental
  • intellectual
  • spiritual personality

You should also note that we do not inherit personality traits and neither are they inborn. They develop in us the minute we are born. We are the developers of our personalities. People around us could help us to develop but the truth is that we are the main developers. So, for us to have the personality we have to learn both academic and extracurricular activities.

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