Supernatural Beliefs In Meditation

What Supernatural Capabilities Can Be Achieved By Meditating

What are the powers that lie within the soul and which can be reached through meditation? In a world where science seems to rule nearly everything, spirituality is growing increasingly important. Many people are starting to question whether the “laws of Newton” are actually the best way to approach life. Is meditation the key to living a more fulfilling and happy life? If so, how does one go about this?

When it comes to spirituality, there are many different schools of thought. Some people believe in reincarnation, some in telepathy, and others still believe in angels and God. But just as there are multiple schools of thought when it comes to science, there are multiple differing beliefs when it comes to spirituality. What needs to be done here is to determine which school of thoughts and beliefs will best suit a particular person. Once that has been determined, then it is possible to begin to look at meditation as a way to unlock those abilities.

Meditation is the first step to unlocking the subconscious mind. It is necessary for the spiritual practitioner to open a dimensional doorway into the uncharted depths of the psyche, it offers you access to the inner reaches of your mind. Once you’re open to that part of yourself, the doors to your personal destiny of your fellow beings are literally opened up. Supernatural Beliefs in Meditation relates to the use of meditation to access this subconscious region of the mind. It explains how we gain access to the psychic regions of our being by relaxing the muscles of the imagination.

Many of us believe that we can control our fates and determine the events of our lives. When we relax the muscles of the imagination, the subconscious mind can be opened up to receive instructions from our conscious mind. Some of us have received psychic instructions from an unseen source through a near-death experience. These experiences often leave us with a guiding purpose.

Meditation may be the key to what supernatural capabilities an individual has. Through the years, many types of magical powers are recorded in the Buddhist scriptures. Generally, they are classified into six main categories. These are the celestial vision, celestial hearing, the power to read others’ minds, the power of performing miracles, the power of knowing past lives and the power of eradicating all defilement.

Celestial Vision And Hearing

Those with celestial vision can see and detect the smallest minute thing and overcome any obstruction by seeing through objects even in total darkness and the power of celestial hearing enable them to hear sounds clearly regardless of the distance and languages. Besides human languages, they also understand the singing of the birds and howling of animals. This vision is not only restricted to this world but extended to all realms too, So basically, it is free and unbounded.

one should not consider oneself outstanding, because what one sees and hear is only part of the truth that one is allowed to see at one’s level. Cultivators should be aware of the limitations of the levels and should not jump to any conclusions.

The Power Of Reading Minds

We often complain, “You just do not understand me.” It is difficult to understand ourselves, not to mention trying to understand someone else. But those who possess this ability to read others’ minds know precisely what are they thinking and can easily see the good or evil thoughts in their minds as if looking through a clear lens. Not a single thought can escape detection.

The Power of Performing Miracles

Those with the power of performing miracles can transform a single entity into infinitely many and combine the infinitely many into one. For these individuals, distance is never an issue as they can go as far as they like without difficulties. They also can go through the fire, water, or travel through the ground at ease. They may choose to become invisible or reappear. The power of performing miracles allows one to transcend the limitation of space. This power allows one to even alter one’s surroundings at will. It is the magical power to exempt the body from physical limitations.

The Power of Prediction

“What did you have for lunch yesterday”? Sometimes we can’t even remember yesterday’s events. There are people with excellent memory that can recall events that happened months or years ago but, those with the power of knowing the past lives has the ability to trace back events in full details even all the way back to their numerous previous lives (subjected to his levels of attainment). Besides knowing about people around them, they know the sentient beings’ past as well. When someone dies, those with this power also can foretell this person’s future retribution from karma as well as the place of rebirth.

The Power of Eradicating All Defilement

Defilement is affliction. Those with the power of eradicating all defilement will no longer suffer any affliction. They will not be subjected to the cycles of birth and death, nor will they ever have to be born in this world of ignorance. The aforementioned five magical powers are not unique to Buddhist practitioners—ghosts, demons, gods and fairies may all have similar powers, yet they still cannot escape the rounds of rebirth. The five magical powers are therefore not the ultimate. Only the ultimate power of eradicating all defilement can deliver one beyond the cycles of rebirth. This power can only be attained by the true enlightenment so basically, this power lies beyond the reach of the unenlightened mortals or spirits.


Perhaps there is something for you to see about the possibility of having extra powers that you have not yet discovered. Whatever the case may be, the more you explore the possibilities, the closer you will become to developing these abilities. Remember, whatever you gained is not to be used for predicting something or financial benefits– it is to enlighten us on what to cultivate off, or to give us inspiration in our cultivation.

*** This is my reflection at my limited level, and bias is inevitable.

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