Engage With The Power of Inner Connection

Higher States of Consciousness

There is always this question that resides in my mind “Who and what made up this ‘Me’?” What I was been told is the ‘Me’ that is compressed with all the consciousness of life experiences, family background history, relationships, and thoughts that governed the feeling and action to form the “Self”.  But what about the “who”, the original being inside?

There is this inner being that psychologists have identified, called “Soul”- the real Self, which has also been called “Higher Self”. It consists of consciousness, subconsciousness and all other unconscious parts of the mind. This Inner Being operates at a higher frequency of consciousness that manages many essential functions as a blueprint for you while your outer self focuses upon the experience of life in this physical world through your five senses. So, is there a way or method to tap into this inner connection?

Meditation is one way to access the power of inner connection. We have always talked about how meditation is about awakening the brain and accessing those powers. However, there is another aspect that we often tend to forget about in the interest of meditation, and that is the spiritual aspect.

When you are Spiritually Awaken, you will experience a radical inner transformation, shifting your perception from the outer world of thoughts and emotions to the inner world of pure awareness, leading to higher states of consciousness.

When you meditate you are uniting your body, your heart and mind into a higher awareness. This higher awareness is actually what meditation is all about, unifying the parts of ourselves that normally would have been separate. In this way, meditation helps us make better use of our natural gifts. For example, when we pray, we focus on a particular prayer or form of meditation. Through the power of meditation, we find that we can unlock more of those gift thoughts and allow them to manifest in our lives.

One of the biggest gifts we have as humans are the ability to communicate with others using all of our senses. Therefore, when we meditate, we can focus on this spiritual part of ourselves and become more aware of what’s going on in the world around us. Meditation helps us learn to tune out the things that are less than pleasing in our lives and concentrate instead on the good things. When we use meditation techniques in conjunction with other spiritual practices, like yoga or chanting, it is possible to reach a state of enlightenment.

One of the most important aspects of using meditation techniques is the emotional side. While meditation can be an extremely calming and soothing experience, we must also remember that it is not something that we should do on our own. Meditation requires the cooperation of both our mind and body. One of the ways we can achieve this cooperation is to engage in regular spiritual exercise. By engaging in spiritual exercise, we help strengthen the body and mind to realize the true potential of being spiritual.

When we take part in spiritual activities such as meditation, we tap into an incredible source of energy that lives within us. The energy that lives inside us is a powerful source of wisdom, peace, and understanding. Through meditation, we can learn to become more in touch with these powerful forces and learn to live happier, more peaceful lives. Meditation can be practised by anyone regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

There are many benefits to practising inner connection meditation. The main benefit is to help you in realizing the aspect of your infinite consciousness and awareness. When you become more aware of yourself, you will also become more aware of the world around you. Meditation can bring greater clarity of perception and help us gain a better understanding of unity consciousness, the incredible experience of being one with everything.

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