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Full Moon Rituals To Enhance Energy Based On Feng Shui

Harness The Energy Of The Full Moon

Full Moon rituals are an ancient and sacred practice, a great way to enhance the Feng Shui energy flow throughout your home and improve the overall, “qi” or energy field. There are many full moon rituals you could try, depending on what you feel will work best in your home or office. I would suggest that you can go with an energy-based tradition, such as chakra balancing (meditation), or if you choose to do a full moon ritual based on Feng Shui, then there are some things you should know.

When we think of Feng Shui, we typically envision water or the elements revolving around a specific space, usually the home. One of the main principles of Feng Shui is called The Law of Heaven and Earth. According to this principle, there are Yin and Yang and the five elements, called the “terrain,” that is important balance and position the occupants of any space. These are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements can be used to align any area of your home or office to be in alignment with your life path or purpose and improve the way that you live in all aspects of your life to the fullest without any problems or difficulties.

Cleanse Your Home Or Office

The full moon is the best time to carry out this cleansing and releasing ritual as the energy is at its peak. First and foremost, before you light up your sage or wand, make sure all doors and windows are fully opened so that it creates a pathway for all the negatives to get out.

When you are ready to go, hold your sage at an angle and light it with a candle, let it burn for a while then gently blow out the flame, you will see a glowing ember orange on the end and smoke should billow up. Gently wave the wand through the air as you move through every corner of your home or office. Pay extra attention to the trinity of Feng Shui. (Livingroom, bedroom and kitchen)

The whole idea of this smudging is to purify and release all negatives from your space so your intention is crucial. Recite a mantra or prayer as you go along to encapsulate the intention. It can be something simple like “I purify and bless this home by releasing all stagnant and harmful energies that no longer serve me, back to the nature where you belong.”

Prayer Or Meditation

A day or two before and after the full moon takes place. Its energy is still at its peak. That’s why so many religious rituals are always being held at this period in the past. They knew very well about its positive effects. It is also a good time to do your prayer and Feng Shui meditation/chakras meditation to align your body and mind. As the sun, moon and earth formed a straight line, seize this opportunity to send out all your wishes and dreams to the universe.

Based on Feng Shui, the light from the moon belong to the Yin energy which is believed to offer liberation for growth and transformation. That is why most of the healing took place when we are resting at night. By practising your chakras meditation at this time, the results of releasing blockage and obstacles will be amplified.

Transform - Ritual Ocean Bath

The moon gravitational force is so strong that it influences the ebb and flow tides of the ocean. Therefore, during a full moon, the ocean water pulls away far from the shores. We can use the water element in Feng Shui to perform this ritual bath. The timeless sea has a healing effect, with the help of the powerful ocean, it will cleanse you from physical grime and negative spiritual grime, let the tides purify both your body and strengthen your aura. It’s a great ritual that combines the body and spirit.

When you are ready, immerse yourself in this ritual bath by stepping into the water close to your waist level (be careful safety first) and squat or kneeling down. Make sure you are submerged and let the waves wash over your head. Recite your mantra (Cleanse and release all stagnant and harmful energies that no longer serve me, back to the nature where you belong. let all healing and positive gather now) and focus on the tumultuous nature of the Element of Water feels how it is currently influencing your life. It is a great way to “find your flow” when you feel misaligned or stagnant in life. When it is done, turn back and walk straight to the shore without looking back, leaving behind all your old paradigms, toxic relationships, sorrow, physical and emotional pains to the timeless vast ocean.

When you release, you welcome healing and transformation. Using the full Moon time to release, heal, and transform is very magical.

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