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Marital unrest? Feng shui provides confidence

Married life is not clicking on anything? There are quarrels, unrest, misunderstandings? If all else fails, get ideas from feng shui. There is no extra cost, you can change the feng shui and ecomap of your house just by changing the furniture of the house. And who can say, maybe it will have a positive effect on your love life! So try not to give up.

Adjust the position of the bed
Walls on both sides, do not make a bed in the middle. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Place the bed in such a way that there is equal space on both sides. The size of the bed needs to be correct. If the bed is too wide, that distance may fall on you too, and in the case of a small bed, the relationship may seem like a leak. In other words, according to feng shui, it is better not to use the space under the bed as storage.

Remove garbage from the bedroom
Don’t pile up old, useless papers, dirty clothes in the bedroom. Keep up the good content. Put pictures of two people instead of family photos. You can keep candles or vases or any other showpieces, but in pairs. You can’t keep one. Working things like computers are not in the bedroom at all.

Change the bedsheets
Bring novelty to bedsheets to cut the monotony about. Comfortable pink sheets on the bed. Young enhances energy about pink, brings a feeling of romance.

Change the color of the walls
Paint the walls of the bedroom with ivory, beige rose, brown. Stay with red or bright orange curtains or paintings. About warmth will come.

Crystal Tip
Not agreeing with the husband? Feng Shui will help. Take rice in a glass bowl, spread some salt on top. These two elements can absorb negative energy from the relationship. Now place three transparent crystals in a triangle on top of the bowl. Leave the bowl under your bed for up to 49 days to make the relationship better.

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