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September is “the strongest power charge month”.

Every month, “Moari Job” publishes “Tips for becoming lucky” by Feng Shui psychology counselor Rei Taniguchi. Mr. Taniguchi is also a consultant for a major company, and the original seminar “Kaiun Shrine Studies de Power Seminar” (10 times a year) is a popular person who is fully booked on the same day.
Feng Shui is a “lucky weather forecast”. No one will go out with shorts and flip-flops when they hear “Today is a storm”. Everyone has an umbrella, rain boots, and prepares for a storm. Feng Shui is the same. There are sunny days in life and days when there is a big storm. The study of Feng Shui is to look ahead from the statistics and prepare for it and take measures. And, in order to make the best use of what was derived from it, it is important to keep in mind every day and to cherish the seasons. It’s up to you to open or close your luck.
May the readers of “Moari Job” be happy both at work and in private! He advised me on the Feng Shui point in September.

“Ichihaku Mercury” which is also this year’s Ki. This ki has the keywords of sleep and health. So try to get a good night’s sleep in September. And since it is “Mercury”, water is also a keyword. Therefore, in September, after work, soak in the bathtub (not a shower), improve your bath time, and sleep properly at the time of your child (23:00 to 1:00 am). The child’s time is also called the “sleeping time”, and sleeping at this time will recharge your body and mind. And they get up and work at the time of the rabbit (5-7 am) … In fact, successful people practice the life cycle of “sleeping at the time of the child and getting up and working at the time of the rabbit” no matter how busy they are. There are many people who are doing it.

If you can afford it, try washing your duvets and pillowcases, or changing your sheets to linen to improve your sleeping environment. This is also one of the good luck actions. After all, Ichihaku Mercury is also this year’s Ki, so if you prepare a sleeping environment here, it will further improve your luck toward the end of the year. Also, when taking a bath, it is a good idea to add geranium bath salts, which are the scent of Ichihaku Mercury.

In September of Ichihaku Mercury, I will sleep by the time of my child!

And “health”. Among them, it is said that Ichihaku Mercury controls blood, lymph and cold, so it is good to go to lymphatic massage, and it is a good time to start getting cold because it will be late autumn to winter.

On the other hand, if you have poor circulation, be careful from September and warm yourself up.

Don’t miss the opportunity. Travel alone to Yoshikata in September!

September of this year is a very powerful month. Among them, the 12th, 21st, and 30th that I wrote first are 3 days with strong power. Therefore, I would like you to travel in a good direction for these three days.

Ichimoku Mercury, which is the Ki of this year and September, has keywords such as water, waterside, and traveling alone. Therefore, please travel alone too hot springs, the sea, rivers, lakes, moats, etc. Some people say, “I’m so busy that I can’t be lucky anymore!”, But I just take a walk in the public bath or the pond in the park from my home. But you can charge enough power. In addition, sake is also a keyword, so it is fun to buy sake from a good direction and enjoy it at home. If you give up your luck, it’s over. Please hold it firmly with your own hands.

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