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The Role Of Feng Shui In Meditation

Using Feng Shui And Meditation To Increase Your Energy

There are some powerful tips to using Feng Shui and meditation to create a space that attracts positive energy and helps you to transcend everyday pressures and challenges. A popular ancient Chinese Feng Shui technique is based on creating a harmonious environment. When applying these tips, keep in mind that you are not trying to bring in specific aspects from various cultures or geographical regions. Instead, the purpose is to focus on the energy that is already present within the space and to transcend it using the techniques and tools you have at your disposal.

Elements To Create Positive Vibes

There are quite a few ways to decide where to place your Feng Shui and meditation room. First, you could use a Bagua grid to guide you. A more modern version of Bagua would be easier for you since it’s shaped like a rectangle or square as are so many houses. This grid can help you determine the main elements that will make up your space and where they should go.

Another simple but useful tool for organizing your Feng Shui and meditation space is a crystal ball. A crystal ball is simply a bowl made of clear glass or crystal, decorated with cut-glass or crystals. The energy that is associated with the crystal ball is light and is thus very easy to see. To attract specific energy, a crystal ball can be used as a pendant or a bracelet. By using a crystal ball as a Feng Shui and meditation room tool, you allow light to shine through, but you also allow the energy to come and enter your space.

Creating Your Own Sanctuary

It’s also very important to create an atmosphere that is free of clutter. A cluttered space can be very dark and can invoke feelings of repulsion and lack of harmony. Meditation should be an environment in which you feel relaxed and at ease. You’ll feel more relaxed and at ease when your Feng Shui and meditation room are clean and uncluttered.

Once you’ve settled on a Feng Shui and meditation area, you have to select the pieces that will enhance and compliment the space you’ve selected. You may choose pieces that have a particular colour or design. If you want a Zen or meditative theme in your home, for instance, you may want to match your desk and chairs with a Zen-like cushion or mat. If you prefer a natural and organic design, you may want to incorporate plants and flowers in the space. And if you want a contemporary feel, you may want to go with sleek stainless steel or chrome.

But once you’ve made the decorating decision for your Feng Shui and meditation area, it’s time to turn to the materials and decorations that will help you create the space. One of the most important factors in creating the energy you want in your space is using the right colours. If you have a light-coloured floor and table cloth, for example, you will want to make sure you choose colours that are not too overwhelming. On the other hand, if you put on a very dark tablecloth and a very light floor, it will make your room seem smaller and dreary.

You’ll also want to pick Feng Shui and meditation colours that will help you focus and allow your energy to move freely. It’s also recommended that you choose colours that are in harmony with one another; for instance, if you’re using red and gold energy patterns, you’ll want to pick a yellow rug or a couch that is in the same shade. By doing this, you’ll help your energy to flow easily and you’ll also minimize disruptions from outside sources such as television and loud music.

At Your Own Comfort

Another important component of Feng Shui and meditation is proper breathing. When you sit comfortably in a chair or lie down on the floor, start breathing slowly and deeply. You can use pursed-lip breathing (without inhaling or exhaling) to help keep your focus and energy. Sit up straight whenever possible, even when it’s uncomfortable. You should try to keep your back straight, even if you have to bend to pick something up. This will increase the quality of the energy you’re channelling and will make you more relaxed.

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