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Why Fake Plants And Flowers Are Forbidden In Feng Shui

What Feng Shui Says About Fake Plants

You might have never heard about why Fake Plants and Flowers are forbidden in Feng Shui. But it is a very popular subject today, especially with interior designers and decorators. Most people love the appearance of the plants and flowers, the ability to induce calmness and peace to the ambient and the positive visual impact they can have on their home interiors.

Unfortunately, due to the hectic modern lifestyle today, many people find it difficult or simply impossible to nurture a live plant at home when taking care of themselves is a problem. A dying or dried plant is not desirable in Feng Shui as it is not going to bring any auspiciousness into the household it will only bring the Yin energy and release a sense of death in the air.

For this reason, many have succumbed to taking a few shortcuts in making their life easier. The hassle-free and easy care of the fake plant tend to be the first choice in their mind for that boost in aesthetic tranquillity plus, they never die and are essentially immortal! Some say they symbolised eternity.

But if you are into feng shui you must have heard about how artificial plants can bring adverse feng shui impacts into your life.

Is there any truth in that?  We will look at some reasons why fake plants are never a good choice for your home.

Well, Plant has been used in Feng Shui for centuries to add colour and life into living space. Based on the Feng Shui perspective, the use of plants is meant to balance the elements and keep them in harmony with the environment. The presence of live plants or flowers would bring the Yang energy and wood element, which is believed to spur good luck and health while the fake would do nothing in that effect.

Fake plants are also associated to stagnant energy as it does not promote good Qi. The impact of this energy will affect your advancement in career path and it is also important to know that it attracts people with ulterior motives and deceive intention into your life. Definitely not the aspect you wanted to enhance in your home.

For couples, never put a fake or dried plant in the bedroom, it will attract unwanted love relationships that can cause disharmony and even lead to third-party intervention. Vice versa it might be a good idea for a single to have the real one in the bedroom to enhance a relationship and attracts the right person.

Apart from Feng Shui, all these fake plants will deteriorate and collect dust over time which is bad for health. They are also harmful to our environment during the production process that causing air pollution and synthetic materials are not easily recycled.

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