Why Do Good People Suffer The Most Damage In Life

Why Nice People Suffer

Life is a journey of ebb and flow, whatever the circumstance life throws at you, you have the prerogative to decide to be a survivor or a victim. You definitely have complete control of the outcome; it all narrows down to your mindset of how you perceive things.

Ever wonder why those who don’t care a damn have it easy while good people are always suffering at the end. The answer to that question could be hidden deep down inside the subconscious. People don’t even realize that they are doing those things to themselves that are holding them back from living the life that they deserved.

Life Of A Burning Candle

Nice people live like a burning candle. Like a mother provides the ultimate best for her child. Kind people often strive to please others even at the expend of their own interest which is sometimes being exploited and taken advantage of. This action will lead to people taking them for granted and belittling them in what they can offer to the world by dismissing their opinions and ideas unrespectfully, thinking their feeling can be disregarded.

Nice and kind people often experience dreadful pasts such as destructive circumstances, poverty and toxic relationships. They have come a long way, not only have they succeeded, they have learnt to overcome the impossible. That is why they don’t want people to go through it as they did.

Learned The Hard Way

It is very possible that nice people used to be pessimistic as they were normally being treated indifferently, but over time, they usually learn how to stay positive in a difficult situation – sadly, in a hard way… or maybe, they came to realise that every little thing that seems to drag them down in life eventually become the strength and pillars to their success and the sense of self-worth doesn’t need to be justified by others.  “Nice people weren’t born nice — they made themselves that way.”

I Feel You

Kindness emerges from those who have only known cruelty. They might have been bullied or teased in the past or being ignored for getting the attention they deserved. They know the feeling of deprivation and torment. That’s why they can empathise with others who suffer like they have had and try not to cause anyone the same kind of pain.

Instead of making fun or criticising others, nice people break the cyclical nature of insensitivity. They embraced it with kindness and compassion, giving compliments and words of encouragement. They want others to feel confident and good about themselves.

They Are Genuine

Their kindness is genuine and it comes from the bottom of their heart. They do not seek anything in return for their kindness. They sincerely do what they can, to help others that are going through similar struggles because they know exactly how it feels to be in need of help.

Final Thoughts

On the journey of life, everything is two-way traffic, be it respect, love or kindness, do not take it for granted. If you happened to have a person that treats you wholeheartedly, please show your appreciation and gratitude. You’ll never know when the person turned his back on you, it might be the point of no return. By then, everything will be too late…

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