Complacency – The Silence Killer

Why Complacency Is Dangerous

One of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur or to excel in life is to understand the problems of a complacent mindset. “Complacency destroys progress and can lead to massive catastrophe failure.” It’s the one thing that prevents many people from achieving success in business or even in their personal lives. This article will help you identify the causes and you can then begin to work to fix them.

So, why is the mindset so important to your success in all aspects of your life? It’s actually the single most defining characteristic of the human mind. All the rest are details. Your mindset is the foundation on which your entire being operates. The problem is when it’s not operating the way you want it to be, it can create all kinds of problems. In this case, you’re dealing with a couple of potential obstacles.

The End Of Creativity

In life, be it an entrepreneur or Salesman, the greatest fear would be the “Fear of failure”. Imagine the effort you have spent to build up your career and witness it fall is disastrous. Therefore, most people become contented when the business is in a constant state. They are complacent and no longer seeking to excel in their goal, letting their focus wander to other aspects of their life. They are also afraid of making mistakes that will jeopardise the existing model. By doing so, they lose out on the creativity to stimulate the business to a new height thus sooner or later they will be obsoleted.

The Disappearance Of Desire And Urgency

At every beginning of your endeavour, the hunger to succeed and the sense of urgency drives you day and night to make sure things work out and thrive. When you are contented and feel that you have reached the apex, you become complacent, you lose that bit of urgency and desire to grow. Both of those things can hold you back from reaching your goals and you will not have the ability to see the opportunities around you, rather being blind to them.

Just like in any other aspect of life, your mindset and attitude are ultimately what determines your performance. You need to have the proper mental attitude if you expect to succeed in whatever you are doing. That means changing your beliefs and learning how to separate your wants from your needs. It also means that you have to set goals and plan to achieve them.

Achievements Will Never Last

If you don’t work to change your mindset, you could run into problems that are more difficult to overcome than they would be if you were more complacent. You may not even be aware that you have a complacent mindset. All you seem to be concerned with is surviving the current crisis. You may not even realize that your business is failing. The problems of a complacent mindset are much more severe than the problems of failure in business.

The problems of a complacent mindset are the by-product of not having a clear idea about what you are trying to accomplish. It is the result of a misunderstanding of what you are trying to do. Many people have the same basic idea for their business. What they fail to realize is that they need to expand that basic idea. They need to expand it to include new customers or to add a new element to the product or service they offer. The point I’m trying to make is that the world will continue to go on around you. No single accomplishment will beat Mother Time.


The problems of a complacent mindset are directly related to people being unable to achieve the growth that they desire, but once they have hit their targets, they can get past this desire to be complacent and chances for continued success can have a greater chance of becoming reality. So rather than sit back and enjoy your accomplishment, set a new goal. Continue to push the boundaries of what you are capable of doing and before you know it, you will have achieved great success.

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