Creating An Intentional Ritual

Every New Year, we started with the greatest of intentions, but soon after a month or two (or even by the second week in January), we realised that we are drifting further and further away from our goals. We revert to our old habits and slap ourselves up for not sticking to our resolutions.

What if I told you that you can supercharge your New Year’s resolutions into powerful and energised manifestation by performing an intentional ritual?  A ritual that will strengthen and amplify the power of your intentions, helping you to identify and attract the things that you want and achieve your goals in life.

Setting Powerful Intentions

An intentional ritual is a powerful way to harness the energies of the universe to get you aligned and in sync with the energies that surround your desire to create an emotional and spiritual vibration, thus forging a strong and clear path that will better help you in realizing your dreams. Don’t underestimate its power as this ritual allows you to shift your energy to a place in which you have already realized your goals. So, let’s dive in and learn how it is done, you may amend it any way that inspires you:

Preparing An Intention Candle

Get yourself a scented candle or you can DIY. Fill a saucepan with water and brings it to a boil. Place your container of the candle into the saucepan and stir it continuously until the wax melts into a water-like texture. Let it sit and cool down for a while, once the wax becomes cloudy you can start adding in some of your favourite herbs such as dried lavender, dried rosemary, cinnamon bark pieces and star anise for a wintery touch if you like.

At the same time, you can consider adding a healing crystal to your candle, though it will sink to the bottom due to its weight or if you wish to see the crystal on the candle’s surface, you can choose to add it at a later stage before it solidifies. Allow the candle to cool overnight and it is good to go.

Preparing Your Meditation Intentions Scripts

Calm and clear your mind, with a clear vision of what you want and what you don’t. Write it down on two separate pieces of paper.  The positive one should create a statement for the future. This will act as a reminder and a guide to help you make changes. Your affirmation should be positive. It will be a mantra for the coming year and will serve as a tool for your life. For the other list that stated those negative things and thoughts that you want to get rid of, you will need to burn them after the ritual.

Ready For The Meditation Ritual

Create your sanctuary where you can disconnect from distractions and set the mood for emotional and spiritual connection. You can enhance your experiences by infusing the ambient with your favourite scent or music, whatever feels right for you. Prepare some crystals of your choice to incorporate them into the ritual as crystals are well known for their alibies to amplify manifestation energy. Here are a few you can consider using:
  • clear quartz (amplifying intentions)
  • citrine (abundance and personal power)
  • rose quartz (love)
  • peridot (money)
  • amethyst (healing)

Before you start your meditation, create a circle around you with your stones. Sit down and place the intention candle and your intentions scripts in front of you. once everything is set, you can proceed with your regular meditation practice.

Close your eyes and envision yourself surrounded by light and love. Call out (or think it clearly in your head) what you would like to manifest and imagine the things that you wish for, visualise how you would feel when they are granted. Focus on the feeling and the emotions you experienced during this process.

The Final Closure

Close your ritual by showing gratitude to the universe. You can say out loud or just in your head: With my heart full of gratitude, I welcome a new life path, new energy, new hope and new beginnings. Then proceed to use a small burning bowl, toss your negative intentions script into the fire. As you watch the paper burn to ashes, visualize the words being released into the universe and clear your mind of them. As for the other positive script, the affirmation can become your mantra throughout the year and you can use it to reaffirm your intentions every time you are faced with difficulties and hurdles.

Lastly, hold the intention candle in your hand and transfer your intention by saying with love and grace, I bless and program this candle to hold the highest vibrational light and raise my vibration to realise my dreams. Light the scented candle and let it burn.

Final Thoughts

This ritual can be performed regularly, they are incredibly powerful for purification and attracting abundance, happiness and personal power. It is most potent especially on lunar events like the New and Full Moon or during special transitions, such as beginning a new year. I strongly recommend you to give it a try.

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