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If God Is Talking, Why Don’t I Hear Him

How can we hear God’s voice and know when God is telling us to do something? Or is it only when people are going through a crisis, facing a major decision or overwhelmed that we cry out to God to speak to us. God is constantly speaking to people. But too often, they miss out on hearing God’s messages because they seek His guidance only occasionally.

When someone made a deep connection, it will come as a series onslaught of information. Sometimes God uses a medium to speak to us or convey a message by flashing signs and hints. Here are several suggestions, in which we can detect the presence of God in our daily life:

Prayer And Contemplation

It is believed that regular meditation and engagement in daily prayer and contemplation can sharpen our spiritual lens. Something in life may be invisible to our ordinary senses but yet are visible to our spiritual perception.

He speaks to us in our thoughts, not in a booming voice thus we need to keep our minds quiet so we can recognize the voice of the Creator and the messages that are conveying. Never correct the thoughts you hear and always cross-check with the scripture to see if it is consistent with his teachings and not contradicting. This will help you identify whether you’ve heard God or something else.

Insync With Nature

Be a Nature Lovers and understand the language of nature, it makes you more attentive and open to divine guidance. This natural sanctuary allows you to be in a mental space in which the divine can be heard, listen to how they spoke of the cycle of life,” peace, stability, harmony, rest, life and death, coming and going, staying and leaving.”

Connected With The Universe

Do your prayer before you go to bed. It is believing that when you are closer to God, they will often speak or send messages through your dreams. But it is also important to understand and differentiate whether or not it is from God as the demons can also manipulate through this channel. Take note of your dream pattern and pay extra attention to significant details, so you can know and decipher God’s voice clearer. Thank God for his guidance and the dreams he sent.

People In Your Path

God created different circumstances and scenarios to support the way he is leading. One way to reach you is through the people we meet in our daily life. Therefore, do not underestimate or look down on anyone. They might be on the assignment to deliver the word that you need at that specific time.

At times when a door is shunted at you, trust that he is opening the others. Be aware of what experiences he’s leading you toward and the people he introduces into your life. Watch for clues and confirmations in your lifepath – both through your life story and in your current circumstances. By paying attention to the people God puts on your path, you can discern God’s direction for your life.

Analysing The Events Of The Day

Everything happened for a reason, there are no coincidences. When the same things re-occur over a space of time, it might just be the signs and signals that God is calling for your attention. For example, seeing the same person at different places and times might indicate that this person may be important to you in some aspect of your life. Some people also tend to experience Deja vu quite often. You will see all these activities and encounters that happened in the presence of God’s guidance.

What You Are Drawn To Read

Another way God is offering his guidance is through what we read. You might experience that you are drawn to a specific text or article and the information served as a great help on what you are seeking at that moment. This “Reading” has become the vehicle of divine communication and the will of God as one.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I have never heard audibly from God, but I’ve been certain of His leading, guidance and protection. Even when He is silent, I know he is working things out to my benefit. If you are like me yet to hear from God, don’t assume that He doesn’t care, He can absolutely be trusted to lead, direct, and provide for you in every circumstance.

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