Possible Reasons Why People Don’t Meditate

Meditation has been in the limelight these recent years and people from all walks of life are practising meditation and mindfulness – executives, health professionals, teachers, celebrities, soldiers, and athletes. You are probably also familiar with those benefits of Meditation and even tried it yourself.

Some beginners tend to start experimenting with Meditation with something like listening to an inspiring podcast about the benefits of meditation or getting information from the internet and YouTube, but soon get bored and stop practising as they did not fully understand the benefits of the practice to both the body and brain or fail to reach the expectations they hope for. Therefore, come up with a long list of excuses on why they couldn’t meditate.

Here are some of the most common responses people have to the question “Have you tried meditation?

It’s Just A New Age Fad

Is meditation just a New-Age Fad? No, it’s NOT just a fad, it’s something that people all over the world have been doing for millenniums in search of inner peace, happiness, transformation or to have more control over their lives. In fact, there is an increasing body of scientific evidence to support the benefits of meditation and the popularity of the practice is no surprise.

The objective of meditation is to gain control and master our minds by working on our attention. The state of mind is the most crucial factor in determining our success and happiness. By mastering our ability to intentionally direct our attention and keep it there, removing our attention from anything negative or not serving us, we can begin to gain clarity about our reality and goals.

Meditation Practices Are For Buddhists And Monks

People have an impression that Meditation is not for average people. They were intimidated by the extremely complex and arduous practices of the Buddhists and the monks. Think that only through extreme concentration and determination, one can reap the full benefits of Meditation.

Although Meditation was developed in religious settings. Yet, most meditation techniques are not inherently religious. People of all faiths can practise meditation without conflict or belief. Meditation doesn’t make you a religious person and neither does its practice. It is just a technique of helping you to see the world more clearly and also teaches you to have more control over your mind more effectively. Therefore, it is important to remember that meditation doesn’t require any religious affiliation.

It Takes Years To Show Results

Research shows that one can start reaping the physical and mental health benefits of meditation in as little as 2 months of daily practice. But of course, compared to someone who mediated for a long time will have reaped more benefits than a beginner. So, it’s essential to learn to loosen up in your approach to meditation and to relax in your session. The main problem for new meditators tends to be overly eager for results (as I was); this causes tension and striving thus turning the practice into a difficult task.

But it still narrows down to what you want to achieve. If you are seeking to attain enlightenment or Nivana, then it will likely take a very long time to reach your goal. However, if all you want is better health and a bit more peace and balance in your life, then here’s the good news: many people start experiencing these after a few weeks.

Many practitioners find that they feel at least a little bit better after each meditation session, whether it is more relaxed, focused, rested, or all three. And the even better news: this life-changing tool is free; all it costs is your attention.

No Time For Practicing Meditation

In today’s modern hectic lifestyle; time-strapped, overwhelmed and stressed applies to almost every adult. So, who honestly has time to meditate? They would rather spend hours on social media activities like chatting or gaming and believe that it is an apt method to relieve stress rather than inculcating complex meditation habits in their routines.

The youth in this modern era believes in Quick and Effective solutions. Therefore, activities like Meditation and Yoga are considered too time-consuming and take time to see results. They would choose something fun and thrilling such as clubbing and other exotic places to relax instead.

Meditation Doesn’t Enhance Physical Growth

Scientific has proven that Meditation can improve internal peace and eliminate the negative frailties from the mind, but it does not ensure the enhancement of the physical growth of the body. Maybe due to this reason, some people don’t consider meditation and prefer working out in the gym instead.

Especially the youth in this modern generation, tend to focus more on their appearances rather than their mental wellness. Even though Meditation and yoga tend to improve digestion, facial glow and other ailments inside the body, it doesn’t enhance the structure of the body. The modern generation is attracted to fast results therefore, working out in the gym is the best alternative that the youth will consider over meditation.

Lack Of Will Power And Determination

I have to agree that meditation is one such practice that required an appropriate and systematic schedule to get the best possible results. As such, many people lack the willpower and enthusiasm to inculcate such habits of tiring and arduous sessions in their lifestyle. The mental demand for the activity becomes too much of a concern for young people. Especially those who are more willing to take part in time-saving and eventful lifestyles.

Meditation might be plain and less entertaining. But once it becomes part of your daily routine, you will realise that it is capable of curing most of the mental health issues in your mind. Research shows that Human Beings tend to create a habit out of any activity on an average of 66 days. Thus, give yourself a chance, all you need is only 2 months of dedication and resilience would be enough to make the most of this supernatural remedy of treating your depleted mental state and worries.

Final Thoughts

The Art of Meditation is extremely arduous and needs a lot of determination to follow. Unfortunately, many seem to be going towards convenient and convincing methods without looking at their grave concerns. If you make meditation practice a part of your daily routine, I can assure you that many of the obstacles can be broken down, mitigated, or dismissed entirely and all your mental and physical illnesses prevailing in your body will be vastly improved or even eliminated.

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