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Bad Feng Shui Habits That Cause You Financial Loss

When we hear the term Feng Shui, most of us automatically think about money and wealth. But this isn’t always the case. In fact, Feng Shui can be used for all aspects of our life. The secret is to properly incorporate this ancient art into our lifestyle!

The principles of Feng Shui are getting in harmony with the environment, encourage growth and attract abundance. However, there are so much more than meets the eyes, such as changing the vibes and raising the vibrational energy. Did you know that you, yourself has your own Feng Shui too? Do your little habits attract good and bad vibes? Let’s take a look at these beliefs according to Feng Shui that will cause you financial losses.

Stop Shaking Legs

There is a proverb stating “That is a proper way to sit and there is a proper way to eat”. The ways of sitting reflect a lot about the person, from confidence, anxiety to depression we can tell straight from the posture. According to Feng Shui, one should refrain from shaking his/her leg while sitting, be it normal sitting position or cross-legged. Shaking of the leg will shake off luck and loss of wealth. Furthermore, it also presented an indifferent attitude to others.

Too Many Pockets

Based on Feng Shui, clothing with the fancy design of multiples pockets is a sign of scattered luck and wealth. We want our luck and wealth to gather and grow in abundance not scattering around. Therefore, choose something with reasonable pockets rather than something from top to bottom.

Fix Any Leaks And Waste Water

Water in Feng Shui symbolised Wealth and Emotion. If you have a faucet or any leaking from pipes that won’t stop, please get it fixed immediately. If you will observe it carefully, every time it happened, you are bound to suffer from some kind of financial and emotional problems. But of cause, the very first thing is to spend on plumbing.

Since water represents wealth and luck, never waste any of it. You may sometimes throw away unfinished bottled water after only a few slips. Imagine the water you have wasted is your rejection or abandonment of your own luck in making money. How can you have good luck for wealth if you have this habit?

Take Care Of Your Plants

Many people like to keep some plants in their homes for good vibes. Taking for granted that it will bring them good luck as long as they are kept at home. If you have neglected them and caused them to wither, the magnetic field of those plants will not be given play, they will attract bad energy instead of the good ones. You definitely do not want something that gives a sense of death at home.

Clear Your Foyer

When the foyer is attractive and looking at its best, it will invite positive and abundant energy.  The entrance of your home is the “Mouth Of Qi” where your Qi first came into contact, make sure to keep it clean and tidy so that opportunity can come knocking and luck can flow in freely. Keeping it free from clutter will improve your family fortune, advancement in your career, health and overall wealth.

Close The Toilet Lid.

When you put down the toilet lid, you are protecting the negative Qi from coming out and the drawing in of the positive energy. As water represents wealth, you don’t want to flush away your finances and opportunity. It is also a good practice in terms of good hygiene. That’s why you always want to keep the toilet lid down.

Final Thoughts

No matter how trivial we deem these habits, the accumulation and integration of these energies still have an impact on our life. By using these principles and changing the nature of Qi in space, we can avoid attracting bad energy, so little changes in our daily habits could supporting us on our path and transforming our lives.

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