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Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

Manifest More Money And Abundance!

There are tons of wealth and prosperity reaping techniques used in Feng Shui, from the foyer of your home, locating your wealth corners, getting the correct plants and even the Feng Shui of your wallet. The main purpose is to bring luck and wealth abundance into our life. Try this method that many Feng Shui practitioners adorned, the “Feng Shui Wealth Bowl”.

These bowls are made by either putting red clay or wood in a basin full of water and then decorating it with stones, crystals, and even jewellery. This practice originated in China and was adopted by the Japanese. Today there are many Feng Shui bowls and decorations that can be used for wealth and prosperity but what is important is to decide the items that will work best according to your own beliefs and desires. There are many different types and styles to choose from. This is one of the most popular ones to start with.

Choosing A Bowl

You can use any bowl that looks good, so long it is not transparent such as clear glass as it represents wealth leakage and is prone to attract people to borrow from you. Ceramic, Wood, Metal, or Crystal is highly recommended and choose one that is not too shallow. Some people might think size matters, in fact, that is not the case. There is always a limitation of how much one can harness and any surplus would have no material impact. Therefore, no need to overdo it.

Filling In The Wealth Bowl

To fully harness the magical benefits of the Feng Shui Wealth Bowl, fill up the base with crystals and other gemstones, try to incorporate the balance of the five elements such as Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Red Garnet, Gold Ingots and Amythyst, which is a stabilizing element in Feng Shui.

When it is done, add some type of money to it, it need not be in a large denomination as it is only symbolizing the creation of wealth. You can actually substitute with some Chinese Feng Shui coins. The Gem Trees is another option and it is getting quite popular these days. By placing it in the wealth bowl, it symbolizes the plant taking root deep into the base of wealth items. Thus, enabling it to grow wealth gems and accumulating wealth for the owner.

Do take note that the gem tree is not essential. They are just like icings on the cake. But they are traditional feng shui symbols of abundance, so if you’d like to add one, it’s a nice touch!

Keep adjusting, adding or removing those items until it feels right and you are loving it. Remember to keep it clean and free from dust as it is there to help you keep your wealth intentions and vibrations high so that you can manifest more wealth into your life.

The Wealth Bowl Placement

In order for the Feng Shui Bowl to work to its ultimate potential of manifesting wealth and luck, you must ensure that they are placed in the proper areas. Be it at home or offices, there are bound to be a wealth area, locate them and keep your prosperity bowl there, if you want to accumulate wealth and grow your abundance!

In general, when standing facing inward of your home, 45 degrees to the farthest corner will be your wealth area. You can even do it in a simpler way for your office by placing it in the back left corner of your desk.

Many Feng Shui practitioners also like to place it in their foyer or entryway because based on Feng Shui, it will stimulate and enhance the Qi entering the home. This is one of the lucky spots to place your wealth bowl if you are working on bringing new financial opportunities and good luck into your life! You can see a lot of Chinese vendors doing that or even placed it near the cashier.

Things to take note of is to refrain from placing it in the bathroom and near a sink as they represent leaking energy.

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