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Feng Shui Remedies For Negative Energy Caused By Surroundings

Basic Solutions For Negative Feng Shui Caused By Surroundings

As you know Feng Shui is about balancing and optimising the flow of energy through space to help one harness the ultimate benefits of the energies and coexist with his environment. Therefore, since ancient times, people used this knowledge to enhance their personal life, assist in achieving goals and fine-tune their living environment.

According to Feng Shui, certain types of energy are not conducive to fulfilling life goals. Some are believed to cause you disorganized, depressed, under attack, feel scattered or simply unhealthy. So, what happened when the negativities are caused by the surrounding? Let’s dive in to take a look at some Feng Shui solutions for fixing your surroundings.

Gate/House Facing an Upward Slope

It is considered bad Feng Shui If your house or front gate is facing an upward slope as the constant flow of energy (Qi) has a direct impact on your life. This particular issue is linked with financial hardships, loss of opportunities in the career path and lack of benefactors in life. The worst part is that the house is prone to disaster as anything could have come right down from the slope.

Remedies: Since the Qi is coming down directly at the house, it needs to be slowed down or deflected off. One solution is to plant some trees as a barrier. Pine or Yew which impart positive vibes and willow or cypress are all symbolised longevity.  Next, try to build some steps at the gate, this will greatly mitigate the flow of the energy. Please take that that the steps should be built in odd numbers, such as 3 or 5 steps.

Gate/House Facing A Downward Slope

According to Feng Shui, if your house or gate faces a downward slope, its energy and prosperity symbolically roll away. Not only that, it will cause the occupants to lose those vital benefactors support in life and sudden loss or reversal of fortune, financial problems, health and accidental disasters.  Therefore, it’s important to try to stop the energy from running away from the house.

Remedies: To stop the Qi from drawing down the slope, you can alter the landscape in front of the house by creating a piece of level land or a pond and planting some trees with broadleaf type. Next, put a string of five or thirty-six (Arrange in 6×6 head and tail alternatively) emperor coins under your threshold or doormat.

Gate/Front Door Facing A Lamp/Utility Pole Or Tall Tree

When your Gate/Front Door is facing a Lamp/Utility Pole or a Tall Tree it is considered inauspicious Feng Shui patterns caused by the shape, structure as it destructed the flow of energy. The negative energy (形煞) will lead to an unstable family fortune, the trouble of vile character, rebellious descendants and blood-related problems.

Remedies: You might want to consider calling a trained arborist to see whether or not the tree needs to be removed. In some cases, this is the best course of action. At other times, some simple landscaping and pruning can do the trick.  As for the lamp or utility pole, if moving it away is unfeasible, you can hang a bead curtain or place a screen to solve the problem. Another option is to place a pair of blessed copper PI Xiu on each side of the door or window and keep their heads facing the lamp/utility pole or tall tree.

Door/Window Facing The Narrow Interspace Between Two Buildings

If your front door, balcony or window faces the narrow interspace between two buildings, is like a cutting sword heading toward you. The negative killing energy (杀气) will greatly affect the health of your family. This means you are very much prone to accidents, poor health and blood-related problems.

Remedies: To alleviate the impact caused by this negative killing energy (杀气), it advisable to place the Shan Hai Zhen (山海镇) to repel the negative killing energy. You can also plant a row of narrow-leaf plants as a barricade and display a copper dragon turtle (龙龟) on either side of the balcony to prevent disasters from happening.

Water Flowing Behind House

According to Feng Shui, water in front of a house is called a flow and at the rear is called a drain. Therefore, if you have water flowing behind your house, the energy will draw away your positive Qi from your house thus causing you to have difficulty accumulating wealth and fortune. This will also create problems for your health.

But handling this kind of drain is simple by adding a small stone wall at the rear of the property or some plantings. Both the earth and wood elements help to contain the water-energy at the back of the house so that health or money issues don’t become a problem.

Remedies: If the rear of your house has no obstruction and faces a great waterfront, you may want to consider it as your front door. The door that is most frequently used by your family or a driveway goes to the back of the house, you can treat that direction as your facing direction.

If that is not feasible, simply create a small stone wall or add some tall plants to the rear of the property. Both the elements of earth and wood could help to contain the water-energy so that your health or money issues don’t become a problem.

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