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Warning Signs Of Bad Feng Shui

Signs That Show Your Home is Affected By Bad Feng Shui

When people renovate their homes, many focused purely on the aesthetic aspects of arrangement and décor, they tend to overlook the important aspect of Feng Shiu. Whether or not if you believe in Feng Shui, it is good to know that it is a way to help us to live in harmony with the nature or environment we are in. Feng Shi principles can be easily cooperated into any home, irrespective of the style of decoration

In general, the objective of Feng Shui is to avoid stagnant and negative energy (Qi), promoting a calm and steady flow of energy to create a balanced energy field with the surrounding. A good application of Feng Shui techniques can vastly improve the overall well-being of that person. Results can be observed in various aspects of life such as career path, health, relationships, wealth and luck etc.

If you have just recently renovated or moved into a new house you might want to take note of these clear signs that indicate you are under the influence of a bad Feng Shui.

Decline of The Harmonious In The Family

“Home is where love resides and always your safe berth no matter what happened”. If you started to experience disharmonies such as arguments over trivial things and recurrence conflicts between family members who used to be in good harmony for years, then you could be afflicted by the bad Feng Shui. It happened when there might be a problem in the sector that governs the relationships and harmony within the household.

Relationship’s Problems

According to Feng Shui, if the layout of your bedroom consists of another room. For example, a big walk-in wardrobe or a study room. You will attract the wrong parties into your life and have consistent conflicts and difficulties bonding with your working colleagues. If you are married a third party may intervene in your marriage and the worst scenario will lead to separation or even divorce.

Decline Of Health Condition

Everyone in the family has been in the pink of health when suddenly after the changes (Reno or New House), one of the household members suffers from a serious illness. It is a clear sign that your house is exposed to bad feng shui.

The most possible reasons are that the victim:

  • Is sleeping in the bedroom that is affected by malicious stars
  • An unfavourable but dormant health sector energy has recently been resurrected.
  • The Feng Shui Health sector of the house has undergone major changes towards the worse
  • The victim’s Bazi has clashed with Specific Energy movements
  • Something is wrong with the kitchen

In any case, if you are suffering from medical issues, consult a doctor first. A Feng Shui master is only there to troubleshoot and prevent bad feng shui from making the situation worse and recommend remedies regards to Feng Shui. Do not depend on a feng shui master to cure the sufferer’s medical problem.

Poor Sleep Quality

After a long day, a good night rest is vital for our body and mind to rejuvenate and recharge. If you are having a hard time getting quality sleep no matter how tired your day was or how many hours you have slept, you might want to check out the position placement of your bed based on the fundamentals of Feng Shui. You will be surprised to find that the problem can be solved as simple as placing the bed in the correct position.

Sleep disorders caused by bad feng shui can usually be resolved easily. However, a medical condition should never be taken too lightly.

Accidents Proneness

You have always been very careful and vigilant. Meeting with an accident might be coincidental, twice, I called it bad luck and more the three times, there must be something wrong somewhere somehow. Better look into it before something serious takes place.

Sudden Financial Downturn

You have a stable job with great plans and opportunities in the pipeline. Suddenly the company is restructuring and you have been retrenched. The worst thing is that you are the only one who is letting go. Not only you are not getting a smooth sail in your career path your investments suffered a huge loss and various unexpected expenditures kept flowing in.

When a totally unexpected financial disaster falls upon you, it could be your wealth location in your home that has been severely compromised by the effect of the bad Feng Shui.


Home should be your sanctuary that restores and rejuvenate your spirit. Therefore, it is important to create a peaceful and harmonious environment in your home. Feng Shui severs this purpose by getting rid of negative energy and facilitating the flow of Qi, hence creating a calming bliss of positive vibes.

If the above problems persist after remedy, you might want to engage a Feng Shui Professional for an in-depth audit of the source of the problems.

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