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If you want to learn how to create a prosperous, wealthy and balanced life through the art of Feng Shui, you must understand and appreciate the true nature of the Chinese Art and philosophy of “Feng Shui”. Feng Shui is one of the most popular adaptations of Chinese culture. The thing is, if you’re going to do it, then you better do it right.

The front door, the bedroom and the kitchen create a trinity of Feng Shui, and they correlate with each other. By accessing the Feng Shui status of these three main locations in the house, we will generally be able to determine the overall Feng Shui of this home.

Placement And Location

According to the basic principle of Feng Shui, the Kitchen is deemed to be the heart of a home. It is one that symbolised wealth, prosperity and health. A kitchen is a place that interacts mostly with the Fire element that vastly suppresses and interferes with the balance of Qi (energy) so, avoid placing the kitchen at the centre of your house as it will cause a direct impact on our health (especially heart) and luck. Furthermore, it is also important to incorporate and balance all the Feng Shui elements in one location such as fire, water, earth, wood and metal to bring harmony.

Placement Of Stove

It is quite challenging when it comes to choosing a suitable position for the stove. Use the basic fundamental of the Yin and Yang, Fire Vs Water to determine their position.

Never place your stove directly facing the main door, kitchen door, bedroom and toilet door. According to the Feng Shui guide, such an arrangement creates a conflict in energy. Qi coming in from the door will cause the fire to be unstable which is dangerous and the restroom is a water element while the kitchen is a fire element, all these counter conflicts will bring health issues, bad luck and disharmony to the family, causing numerous life disruptions.

The stove must be placed leaning against the wall rather than in the open space as it symbolised all the support you need in your life. You can have 2 or more burners but never have more than 1 stove in the kitchen. This will definitely hamper your relationship.

The Sink

When creating a Feng Shui kitchen design, ensure you don’t clash the fire and water elements (the stove and the sink.) this can be achieved if the sink and the stove are not directly facing or directly next to the other (At Lease 1 elbow Length).

Don’t forget about the direction of the tap, do not face directly to the stove and the direction of the door. Water symbolised wealth and abundance in Feng Shui, if the tap is placed in that way change it immediately as it will cause you unexpected expenditure and runs into financial problems.

Throw In Wood Element

We have talked about blending and balancing all elements. Make sure to incorporate some wood elements into your kitchen. This is not hard to achieve, and it can be as simple as leaving out your wooden chop board or add some potted plants.


There are hundreds of Feng Shui principles you could adapt to your kitchen space. Most of the tips listed here are relatively easy to manifest, while others are simply a strict version of what we do daily. As long as you follow the Feng Shui kitchen rules listed here, the odds are that you will do just fine.

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