Am I A Pessimist Or An Optimist

A Pessimist Or An Optimist

Am I a pessimist or an optimist? That is the question that bothers me most when I get depressed. The answer is simple. I am an optimist, but that does not mean that everything in my life goes right. If I am living in the right world then there will be a good side to it and that side may even include some dark side as well.

Optimism and pessimism are two contradictory terms. Optimism means positive thinking on the bright side and keeping hope, while pessimism means negative thinking, seeing the darker side of anything and not hoping for the good. However, who is better, an optimistic person or a pessimistic person? Who succeeds more in life? Who lives a happier and peaceful life? It is definitely optimistic person leads a happier and peaceful life and achieves success faster in life.

A pessimistic person, tend to be pessimistic about everything. They feel that nothing will go right no matter how hard they have tried. But, being negative is not always bad, especially dealing with crucial planning and decision making. As the saying goes “Expect the best and always prepare for the unexpected”. These people tend to focus on the problems more before coming to a conclusion abruptly. Therefore, they undergo a lot of stress and pressure which lead to anxiety and sadness. Sometimes whether you are a pessimist or an optimist, only depends on how you look at things. You just need to learn how to differentiate between being an optimist and being a pessimist.

Studies show that optimism makes a greater impact on a person’s success, attitude, health and outlook. In addition, people who are pessimistic about their life have the tendency to get sick and die earlier than optimistic people. Generally, a person starts his or her career, relationships or any task with a positive or a negative attitude. You may say that why to start if you are not convinced about the task or is in a negative frame of mind. Well, sometimes certain compulsions leave you to take up a task even if you are not willing to do so. In such cases, instead of trying to explain to people why you do not want to take up the task, think of the benefits, it can bring to you. This way you can enjoy the task and start with a positive attitude.

Being optimistic gives you many benefits. You lead a longer life, you are happier in life than others are, you achieve the desired success, you get lovely friends, you have fun in life. Here only a few have been mentioned, however, there are countless benefits that you can reap being an optimist. Not to mention, the pessimists miss all these as they spend all their time bemoaning over their failures and accusing.

So, which one do you want to live your life with? Optimism or pessimism? It is up to you to choose. Do you want to live a happy and contented life? Or do you want to live a sad and miserable life? I know what it’s like because I have been there. Of course, it is not easy either.

To be honest most people are a mixture of both optimists and pessimists. They mix in between the two. But I would imagine that if you asked most people, they would say they are optimists most of the time. Then you would ask them if they were pessimists most of the time and you would probably get a mixed response.

So, what do you think actually happens when things happen? Do you sit there and wait for something to happen or do you react to it and hope that it turns out the way that you hoped? If you are an optimist, you will be very happy and things will just go your way. If you are a pessimist, things will just go wrong and you will be very unhappy.

In summary, to know whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, you have to know yourself. You must have the ability to listen to the voice of your heart. Think of the times when you landed up in a negative situation, and how you reacted during those times. What sort of thoughts came to your mind in those days? How you took charge of the situation. Once you get the answer to these questions, you will know whether you are a pessimistic person or not. If you are, then do the necessary to change yourself to an optimistic person. There are plenty of resources available over the Internet or books that can help you change your attitude from a pessimistic to an optimistic person.

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