What Is Spiritual Healing

Many people wonder: What is spiritual healing? What does it involve? What are the benefits of spiritual healing? An author and teacher Shakti Gawain writes: “Spiritual healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential being – the wise, loving, powerful, creative entity that we are at our core.”

Types Of Spiritual Healing

There are many different approaches to spiritual healing and various research findings have characterized the therapeutic effects of spiritual healing. These findings support the idea that spiritual healing has positive effects on the individual’s physical body, emotional state, and overall well-being. Further, a patient’s experience of spiritual healing may result in changes in his or her values, lifestyle, and self-concept. Therefore, even psychologists and therapists are starting to incorporate spiritual healing into their work especially, those operating in fields of psychology.

So, in summary, there are five different types of spiritual healing:

  1. Physical healing (of the body)
  2. Emotional healing (of the heart)
  3. Mental healing (of the mind)
  4. Spiritual healing (of the spirit or soul)
  5. Holistic healing (of the body, heart, mind, and spirit)

Common types of spiritual healing include chakra healing, crystal/herbal remedies, breathwork, Reiki Healing, traditional medicine (Ayurveda, Chinese medicine), aromatherapy, meditation/visualization techniques, and so on.

Physical Healing

According to spiritual healing for our physical health, most of our chronic illnesses are attributed to an unbalanced vibration or energy frequency within us. Due to the low and unbalanced of this energy levels, the body is more prone to attract negative vibes and succumb to a negative state. When the vibration in our body gets lower, the faster our body deteriorates.

A method called ‘Vibrational Healing” is quite popular these days. It’s all about channelling higher vibrational frequencies to our bodies through external assistance. For example, Reiki Healing, Music Therapy or consulting a Spiritual Healer for guidance. When the vibrational energies of a body are well balanced, the cells in the body will start to repair themselves thus activating the process of self-healing.

Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing refers to the restoration of the heart. It is an inward journey to gather all the scattered and fragmented parts of our soul into a complete whole again. Being able to identify and explore the root of the negative feelings and emotional wounds, we can find the best ways to release and heal the emotional traumas. This approach may require a lot of work:

  • Acknowledge Your Feeling – Validate your feelings, do not turn away from them.
  • Learn From Your experiences – Knowing your emotional patterns, you will feel wiser and more resilient.
  • Identify The Root Cause – It helps to analyze the causes of your trauma, thereby guiding effective treatment patterns.
  • Have A Break – You will feel rested and calm and better equipped to face your suffering.

Remember, your emotional healing will greatly depend on your ability to acknowledge your feelings. By being able to face these emotions objectively, you can begin to overcome the pain and blockages that keep you from moving forward in life.

Mental Healing

When we talk about Mental Healing in Spiritual Healing, we are focusing on Mind Cleansing or the elimination of all deep-seated thoughts that make us ill. According to the psychologist, when people are distressed, the body will manifest through restlessness, fatigue and even serious diseases. That is why we need to maintain a healthy state of mind.

But, healing your mind does not simply mean thinking positively.  It goes ways beyond just shifting your thoughts. It is about adopting or creating consistent healthy thinking and abiding by it to claim back the power over your mind and control it to your advantage.

One simple way is to Incorporate the habit of affirming yourself into your everyday routine. Affirmations are positive declarations by a person that features emotional support and encouragement. Affirmations are not wishful thinking. An affirmation is an actionable and practical statement that you aspire to weave into your day to day life. Affirmations are statements that YOU want to and take action to truly embody. They are statements aimed to inspire, motivate, and attract the things we want. Remember an affirmation is a short, powerful statement and it works wonders for your overall mental healing.

Soul Healing

Many people seek Soul Healing in Spiritual Healing because they feel that something fundamental has gone missing in their life. But first, we need to know what “The Soul” means? In a simple definition, The Soul is that part of us that we call the supreme one or higher self. So, the question isn’t how to “heal” your soul (because the soul is Divine and incapable of being fractured – you can experience this while meditating), but how to go into great depth on reconnecting with the soul.

Everything you feel that made you humans is rooted at the Soul level. If your soul is not taken care of, your whole psyche will feel the effects of it. Therefore, Soul Healing is caring for yourself at the deepest layers of your being. This means you need to nurture your spiritual health from time to time. It can be done through serval activities such as by engaging in spiritual activities, praying to the Divine, or consuming materials like spiritual books or podcasts. Speaking to a spiritual counsellor such as a priest or a pastor is also highly recommended.

Since your soul is your cord that houses all your deepest sentiments, you may feel disconnected or out of reach sometimes. To interact with your soul, you might want to try another guided approach called “Meditational Healing” which allows you to create a direct spiritual connection and heal your soul faster.

Holistic Healing

So, what is holistic healing? Some claimed that Holistic Healing is the amalgamation of all types of spiritual healing and also a practice of health and wellness that considers the entire person and all of the internal and external factors affecting them. Holistic healing seeks to maintain or restore balance among (and within) the various dimensions of the individual. Rather than focusing on a specific condition or even an illness, holistic healing addresses all parts of the individual and their life.

The principles of holistic healing can be summarized into three properties: the whole person, natural elements, and personal empowerment. Ancient thinkers and healers recognized the importance of these perspectives thousands of years ago. Some of the popular types of holistic treatments are acupuncture, psychotherapy, massage, and chiropractic services.

From these mentioned treatments, you will notice that they target not only just a certain area of the body but aims to correct the root cause of disease and the entire psyche. Just like the other types of spiritual healing, holistic healing aims to restore the balance of our overall health and wellbeing.

Authentic Spiritual Healing

The origins of Authentic Spiritual Healing are timeless. These spiritual traditions are the most profound forms of science and encompass teachings from ALL dimensions of the human being. Historically, there are numerous reports of miraculous healings but, do take note that spiritual healing is not magic that can change your life overnight. It is still a process, a gruelling one at that.

Authentic Spiritual Healing involves acknowledging and exploring the obstacles that block your authentic self. Identifying the obstacles and working through them are the first steps toward achieving healing. By working with your inner wisdom and healing the underlying issues, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and achieve greater results.

Do not turn a blind eye to the main cause of your struggles or use spiritual healing as a way of trying to escape your reality. Critical thinking skills and radical self-honesty are so vital. So, be truthful to yourself and access the wisdom that has been waiting inside you.

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