Understanding Your Soul’s Vibration

Your Soul Vibration

What is the ‘Me” reside inside me made of and what is its purpose? Well, most people called them the ‘Soul’, the divine essence of who you are and the ultimate life force that powered you to navigate your physical journey on earth. The soul is driven by vibrations and it interacts with different frequencies during each physical experience.

Therefore, to better understand your soul, it is crucial to acknowledge that everything vibrates at its frequency. Your soul is no exception. These frequency variations can help us navigate the complexities of daily life. They can also assist us in healing, harmony, and alignment with the love-divine energy. Your soul is a beautiful, unique, and multi-dimensional being. The higher your soul’s resonance, the more abundant your life will be. If you want to understand your Soul Vibration, here are some helpful tips:

Your Soul Body

The Soul is eternity, it can never be destroyed nor eradicated even after the demised of the physical body. It is an unadulterated consciousness; pure energy and energy simply changes its form. There is no beginning and expiration of its existence.

Our physical body, also known as the ‘Soul Body’ only act as a temporary vessel for the soul and the soul is contained within a field of human consciousness that is made up of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The soul will change its vibrations when resonating with the frequencies from the environment thus affecting the mental processes of human perception. Over time, the physical vessel will deteriorate and eventually perish but, the consciousness (the energy) within these layers of the soul body remains until it is transformed. During this process, those trapped energies of a lower frequency will be transformed back into the pure and higher frequency when the psychological attachments to them are no longer influential.

The soul body is surrounded by multi-layers of energy fields that vibrate in accordance to the humans’ experiences. Every layer is closely intertwined with each other. As a pure soul of the highest frequency, these other frequencies do not define the true essence of the soul. However, they are directly responsible for how the soul experiences the physical world. When these two frequencies are intertwined, the soul could not differentiate but emits frequencies to merge with those that they are interacting with during the physical journey.

Every positive and good experience felt by the soul body will cause the soul to vibrate at a higher level that holds the frequency of love and compassion. Likewise, when the soul’s body received bad or negative feelings, the soul’s vibrational energy will drastically drop to a low level. For example, the experiences of distrust, betrayal, blame, guilt, shame and abandonment, carry a very low vibrational frequency that will eventually lead the soul to exhaustion. It is precisely these negative low-level energies that create the attachments to the physical realm thus misleading the soul for unfinished missions on this earth plane and holding on to these vices’ attachments. When entangled with these low-level attachments, the soul will create more similar experiences to match these frequencies in an attempt to accomplish the unfinished mission. During this process, all adversary effects will show up in all aspects of life until the soul feels that all unfinished missions are accomplished. In this journey, all spiritual lessons in the experience are learned by the soul and any corresponding attachments are released.

The Higher Truth

When you started seeking “Self-Improvement”, that is where the soul is sending you messages that those lower energies are knocking you off balance and in need to return back to its inner peace. The problem is that the idea of the need to improve ourselves is also the main factor that is keeping us from accessing the higher truth and honouring our divine selves. For example, you were told “Don’t think about it” and yet you couldn’t help but think about “not thinking about it.” Without fully understanding the concept, it is bound to hinder the soul’s quest for harmony and balance.

The higher truth is the supreme wisdom one can receive from the higher heart. A sacred place within the soul body that emanates a powerful energetic field from the centre of the heart that carries the frequency of love and compassion, higher heart awareness and divine intelligence, which is the main healing source of vibrational energies fields that will fix a misaligned soul body. It carries heart intelligence that is intuitively connected to the spirit of oneness, love and compassion.

Connect The Soul To The Spirit

A soul in its highest frequency state will be connected to the spirit wholeheartedly, the one who is impartial, love and compassionate. On the other hand, if it is disconnected due to the lack of getting high vibrational frequencies it will lead to the misalignment with its divine truth and started to doubt its significance and purpose of existence. 

Having embarked on the journey of soul discovery not only reveals to you the higher truth of who you are but also get to understand that all realities you have experienced are interconnected to the body of energy from the soul. in a simple form, it means that the physical realities change according to the frequencies of the soul and vice versa. Therefore, to have a joyful experience, the soul must inherit the frequency and align with the feelings of joyfulness. For this reason, it is the ultimate benefit and goodness for us to maintain our soul vibrational frequencies at a high level so that it will be a balanced and blissful life.

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