How to Cleanse Your Aura

What Is An Aura

An Aura is a field of energy in several forms of colours that encapsulate the body. Each colour with its meaning. These vibrational energies interact with the world around the person and thus alter one’s state of being, which will result in the changes of the colours of one’s aura. For example, a rainbow Aura is one of the rarest Auras one can possess.

Each layer of the Aura directly corresponds to the different Chakras and Chakras are different realms of energy that reside within the body. When a person is energised and well balanced, the Aura will be amplified and brilliant. Vices versa, the aura can suffer a loss of luminosity if it draws in too much negative energy. Since the Auras depends on the energy exchange, it is important to keep it clean and well balanced. Let’s dive in to see what we can do to strengthen these energies fields.


One of the easiest ways to cleanse your aura is Meditation. Chakras and Mantras Meditation is the easiest and fastest ways to cleanse your aura as it can be done almost anywhere, at any time and with no preparation, but it will be good if you can practise it in a calm, quiet and comfortable environment where it is easier for you to get into the right frame of mind.

You may need to do it a few times for a few days for it to take effect. You will feel invigorated and look more radiant when your Auras are cleansed and well balanced. Manifestation also seems to be stronger and you will feel more aligned and at peace with your soul.

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The ritual of smudging is commonly used in the ancient Native American culture. It is used to cleanse a space or ward off evil spirits. In this case, it is used for the cleansing of the Auras. Different herbs are being used in the ritual and each kind of herb serve to heal and cleanse different things. Here are a few you might want to try:

  • White Sage: This herb is one of the most popular uses for smudging as it works to clear all negative energies, regardless of the source
  • Thyme: Another popular herb, thyme works to heal past traumas and the negative emotions associated with them
  • Cedar: Use cedar to eliminate fears and inspire courage
  • Palo Santo: This herb works to heal your aura actively
  • Mugwort: Use mugwort when your intuition needs a boost
  • Coastal Sage: Actively repair tears in your aura with this herb

To begin this ritual, light the end of your smudge stick and wait for the flame to die out, leaving only smoking and begin by wafting and swirling around your body and head as you focus on healing. Starting from the crow and slowly moving around from top to your feet, at the same time you can focus on a Mantra or a Positive Affirmation. These interactions will purify the energy fields around you.

Spiritual Bath

Spiritual Bath is another effective method to cleanse your Auras. Use your intuition to guide you to select 7 different colours of flowers, essential oils and sea salt for your bath. Once ready, fill up your bathtub with warm water and add those ingredients in. As you soak, visualise all the negativities energy leaving your body and your Aura being repaired, healed and deeply rejuvenated as you wash your body in the water

In case you don’t have a bathtub, you can gather all your ingredients with warm water in a container and pour them slowly over your head in the shower. Then, as you drain your bath, visualize all of the negative energy attached to you going down the drain with the water. Please take note to discard all the flowers and herbs after used and continue to do this for 3 consecutive days.

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Comb Your Aura

Combing the Auras help to dissipate those negative energy lingering around the body before they are fully integrated into your Auras. Wash and dry your hand, using your fingers as a comb and comb through the space surrounding your body. Starting from the head and running slowly down to your toes. In between this process, visualised those negative energies being trapped and swapped away by the comb. When it is done, clean your hands with running water allowing all picked-up energies to be washed away.

Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid is commonly used to direct energy to a specific goal and enhance manifestation power. In this scenario, it is used to cleanse, aligned and balance the Auras. They are arranged in a specific geometric pattern including a central stone, surrounding stones, amplification stones and any objections of importance. Below are some crystals that you may want to include in your crystal grid:

Crystal Grids often incorporate sacred geometry in their design, such as the Flower of Life.
  • Clear Quartz: perfect general crystal to help cleanse the aura
  • Rose Quartz: helps to repair damage to the aura associated with heartache
  • Citrine: helps to expand and strengthen your aura
  • Selenite: powerful cleansing crystal to help protect your aura
  • Amethysthelps to repair and restore aura after psychic attacks
  • Fluorite: helps to free the aura of other people’s emotions and energy
  • Black Tourmaline: helps to clear negative energy from the aura

There are tons of different crystals you can use to create a crystal Grid. The above crystals are some of the most common and beneficial if you don’t know where to begin with. One important thing to take note of is that all crystals are needed to be cleansed and charged before and after use.

Some people display the Crystal Grid near the bed and others incorporated it in their meditation session by selecting the main crystal to be the “Centre” and surrounding it with other enhancement crystals.

As for the healing purposes, the practitioners will place the selected crystal on their bodies wherever it feels right. For example, the third eye, heart or stomach. Other crystals are placed around the centre crystal at different points of their body. They will then focus on breathing and visualise the exchange of energy from crystals to the body until it is fully taken over.

In Touch With The Nature

Trust the healing power of Mother Nature. All living beings need the sun to thrive. Since ancient times, people believed that sunlight has the power to heal and ward off negative forces and energies. So, when you are feeling kind of down, you might want to spend some time with nature in some forms, such as Basking in the sun, walking in the rain or just relaxing and allowing the wind to caress your entire body. Visualize what mother nature has for you and support you every day, pay attention to small details and allow your senses to be stimulated by what the earth has given you.

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