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Meaning And Origin Of The Feng Shui Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher originated from the Native America Indians. Its ancient legends and history exist among various Native American tribes, especially among the Ojibwe and Lakota countries. It is also believed that the Dream Catchers came from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe.

The Ojibwe word for Dream Catcher is Asabikeshiinh which means ‘spin’. This refers to the web that is woven into the hoop which is also known as the sacred hoop or the life’s circle. It is believed that Dream Catchers will trap the bad dream in the protective net and clear away the unwanted negative energy during sunrise and it also filters the good ones and sent them down through the fluffy feathers.

In the Asian countries, the Dream Catchers have peacock feathers attached instead of the Eagle’s feathers as the peacock is a symbol of good luck/enlightenment and is also believed to be an earthly manifestation of the powerful Phoenix.

Circle of Life

The Feng Shui meaning of the Dreamcatcher can be complicated. Nonetheless, the basic purpose of a Dreamcatcher is to attract positive energy to a home. They are believed to help improve the Vastu of a house and the way people think. The best thing about the Dream Catcher is that it consists of the full elements needed in Feng Shui study which are represented by various coloured threads of the web.

The Circle of Life is also known as a sacred hoop. It is usually made of a pliable material such as wood, but authentic ones were made from Red Willow as Red Willow is also thought to offer spiritual protection. Its shape is circular and resembles the natural movement of the sun and moon. It also signifies that there is no real end or beginning. Life is continuously going around in a circle. “What goes around comes around.”

The Dream Catcher web or net is traditionally woven from stretched sinews, tough and fibrous, most likely left over from animal game hunted by the tribe for food. Having a deep foundational respect for the natural world, Native Americans traditionally use all parts of the animal so nothing goes to waste. Furthermore, the number of points where the webbed thread touches the inside of the hoop is symbolic. 13 points represent the phases of the moon, 8 for the spider woman’s legs, 7 for the prophesies, 6 for the eagle, and 5 for a star.

Dream catchers come in many colours. White dream catchers symbolize purity and health, while black dream catchers represent the feminine energy of life. Yellow dream catchers promote mental clarity and provide power and energy for achieving goals. Green dream catchers symbolize truth and promote the objective perception of reality. Blue dream catchers activate the logic of a dreamer, while purple ones inspire a more artistic and spiritual life. Orange Dream Catchers give the wearer the strength to withstand negative manifestations.

The Gem or bead on a Dreamcatcher is associated with different meanings. According to some American Indians, the single Gem/Bead symbolizes the hardworking spider weaving its protective web for protection and comfort, especially for babies and young children. Some said they represent the Sun or Creator of the world.

You will notice that feathers are hanging from the circle. They are usually the feathers of the Eagle which is regarded as the most Sacred Animal Spirit. It symbolised power and strength, the ability to take the risk and get out of the nest and fly on your own to live beyond your shadows. It also represents flying high and close to the Creator.

It is said that the feathers that are hanging from the bottom of the circle can allow the good dreams and vibes to be caught in the spider’s web and have a passage through the feathers to the person in that environment.

Symbolism Of Unity And Harmony

It is important to know the origin of Dream Catchers before incorporating them into your Feng Shui design. These woven willow hoops are often used as decorative items and have a profound spiritual significance. They have come to symbolize life and Mother Earth. Their circular design represents the continuous movement of the Sun and Moon, and the web-like structure is symbolic of the continuous flow of life itself. In addition to being decorative objects, dreamcatchers have many other spiritual meanings, including a representation of unity, harmony and the symbolism of oneness with the universe.

The spider’s web pattern is a representation of the unity that transcends the art of the mandala, which means sacred circle. Its golden spiral embodies the wisdom of many world cultures. In fact, the mandala is so similar to a Dream Catcher that many have reinterpreted it to be a symbol of unity. Ancient Egyptian temples and synagogues featured a similar mandala that represents the circle of life. Those symbols are often used in the art of Feng Shui in the hopes of attracting a strong romantic relationship.

Placement Of The Dream Catcher

The best place to hang a Dreamcatcher is above a doorway, balcony, verandah, or window. But some suggested placing it in the southwest corner of your home. According to Feng Shui, the dream catcher should be hung at a location where it will not be disturbed by anyone.

While dream catchers are not a cure-all, they are very beneficial for the Feng Shui of your home and can draw positive energy to your place. But before you hang a dream catcher, you must first activate it by lighting a sage. The smoke from the sage will help cleanse the house and attract positive energy to your dream catcher.

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