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Numerology in Feng Shui is one of the ancient Eastern concepts and it has also been adopted by some cultures as a means for determining the appropriate career path and personal number. In both western and eastern cultures, some numbers are considered lucky and some are unlucky. The beliefs of the specific, symbolic meaning of each number carries, will vastly affect the quality of life and the outcome of events. For example, in the U.S. the number 13 is often associated with bad luck and in sport, having a lucky jersey number is important.

In the Chinese/eastern culture, some Feng Shui masters use enunciation of numbers based on words they sound like in certain Chinese dialects (mainly Cantonese) to determine the auspiciousness of a number. This means that the interpretation meaning of a number in the west will be different from the Chinese, based on the way they are being pronounced. Let’s take a look at what 0 to 9 means in the perspective of:

Chinese (Cantonese)

1 – Guaranteed, Definite

2 – Easy, Brilliant and Double Up

3 – Life, Birth and Growth

4 – Death

5 – Unwilling, Not Able

6 – Route, Wealth and Longevity

7 – Togetherness

8 – Fortune and Prosperity

9 – Long lasting and Success

0 – Infinity, Forever, wholeness

Western Numerology Study

For example, if got a number 138, which adds up to be 1+3+8=12. Then reduce to single-digit 1+2=3. So, your final number is 3 which translated to creativity, family, self-expression.

These are numbers and what it represents:

1 – Unobstructed, New Beginnings

2 – Balance, Choice, Cooperation

3 – Creativity, Family, Self-Expression

4 – Stability, Grounding, Security

5 – Change, Resourcefulness, Adventure

6 – Calm, Patience

7 – Contemplation, Self-Evaluation, Solitude

8 – Infinity, Abundance, Success In Business

9 – Highest Number, Accomplishment, Attainment

0 – Nothingness, Potential, Empty

Conclusion – If one doesn’t choose to believe in numerology, it is still beneficial in regards to cultural understanding. By understanding the meaning behind, we learn the differences in beliefs and come to respect for others.

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