Reiki Hand Placements For Self-Treatment

If you are new to Reiki treatment, these are a few typical hand positions you can use for your self-treatment. These hand positions allow you to send Reiki to specific parts of the body to remove stuck and stagnant energies in that specific area to resort back to balance and rejuvenate the body to function more optimally. All you need is 5 to 10 minutes per position. But of cause, if you practise Reiki regularly, it will make you become more meditative and improve the effectiveness of your self-treatments. Here are 12 Reiki hand positions you can try and let your intuition guide along the way.


Let’s get started with this Reiki hand position for the face. Placed your palm covering your eyes and fingers over your third eye chakra (Forehead) lightly, no pressure needed. This position covers your third eye chakra and vital organs like the eyes, nose, ears, etc. This practice will relax all muscles in that area and set your face a glow, you can literally feel the stress dissolving under your palm.

The Head

To perform “Palms on the head”, simply placed your hands on both sides of your head as if covering your ear when it was too loud. But this time, rest the heels of your hands near your ear and fingertips touching at the crown instead. By doing so, it helps you energize the optic and ear nerves thus improving eyesight and hearing. It also helps stimulate the function of the pineal and pituitary glands which will enhance your intuition and remove negative emotions such as depression or fear.

Back Of The Head

Cross your arms and placed one of your palms at the upper back of the head while the other directly above the nape of your neck. This position will help energize the cerebral part of the brain which is responsible for the primary functions of the body such as the coordination of the physical body, surviving instinct, managing fear, hunger, and thirst. It also triggered the potential for creativity, the feeling of inner peace, overall calm and make us more receptive to the subtle energies that flow within and around us.

Chin And Jawline

Relax and lightly wrapped your hand along your jawline, rest your chin inside the palms of your cupped hands. This practice will stimulate all muscles and acupoints around those areas thus reducing signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, and giving you a younger look and glowing skin.

Neck Collarbone And Heart

Use one of your hands forming a V with your thumb and fingers, gently and comfortably grasp your neck inside the V formed. This posture is good for keeping the thyroid, parathyroid, and whole metabolism in good health. It also heals the energetic structure of your larynx, trachea, and salivary glands.

At the same time, rest the other hand between your collarbone and the centre of your heart

As it is close to the heart chakra, Reiki will heal major vital organs in this area and energize the thymus gland and thus has the potential to lift your mood instantly. It will fill your heart with love, forgiveness and compassion.

Ribs And Rib Cage

Place your palms on the left side of your body so they can cover the stomach, spleen, pancreas, and part of the small intestine at the same time, place the other palm on the right side that is mainly used for healing and energizing the liver, gallbladder, and part of the pancreas.

Each organ has an energy centre that governs it. These positions will guide and better the distribution of nutrients to the body. The result is a well-balanced physical and energetic body.


This practice is performed by placing your hand on the stomach (solar plexus area) above our navel and allowing your fingertips to touch. By doing so, it will energize part of the small and large intestines and enhanced the absorption of nutrients.

The tummy is related to the Solar Plexus Chakra which is also associated with the emotional issue. Therefore, if you are suffering from too many emotional issues, you might want to use Reiki to heal your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Pelvic Bones

This is the Reiki hand position for fertility and abundance. Place one hand over each pelvic bone, each palm on the inguinal junction (the line that unites the legs with the rest of the body) and allow your fingertips to touch each other. This keeps many vital organs such as the ovaries, uterus (prostate for men), and bladder in good health and function at optimum levels. It also energized the blood flow to your legs, your inguinal lymph nodes, and your muscle tendons located in this area.

Shoulder Blades

Stretch out your arm over your head, bend your elbows and try to place your hand on your shoulder blades. If you are having difficulty performing this position, you can place your hands on the cervical area, below the neck alternatively, you can rest your hand on top of your shoulders.

This position helps with stimulating the upper muscle corresponding to the stress point and is also able to release and dissolve those trapped residual energies thus leading to stability and calmness.


This is a tricky position for the midback placement. You need to bend your elbows and reach behind the centre of your back with your palm. But if you feel uncomfortable performing this, you can simply keep your palm on the centre of the chest. This position helps stimulate energy to the heart and thymus gland which is also known as the “youth gland”. It is also a very useful position for people with cardiac issues and respiratory issues.

Lower Back

Reach behind your lower back with elbows bent, both palms covering your kidneys. Reiki will heal your lower back along with other organs. These positions also energize your joints, tissues, muscles and bones. Try to practise this position regularly as it will reinvigorate your strength and vitality.

On an energetic level, you also stimulated the solar plexus chakra thus cleansing residual emotions that connect to your past. By using Reiki, you help eliminate this negative energy and turn it into the light.


The final hand placement is the sacrum. Lower your arms and place your hands on your sacral region. With this position, you help heal and strengthen the lumbar area, the sciatic nerve. You also energize part of the intestines and the base of the spine.

On an energetic level, you stimulate the sacral chakra which is responsible for creative energies, sexuality, and social skills. Placing your hands here will help boost your kundalini energy.

Final Thoughts

After completing your session, drink plenty of water and remember to cleanse your aura by combing away any energetic debris that has been lifted from the physical body during the treatment. Allow yourself a moment to immerse in the peacefulness and tranquillity state of wellness. Show appreciation to your higher self and request to transform all negative and stagnant energies into positive energies, returning them to the Universe where they belong.

*Reiki hand placement artwork adapted from photography by Joe Desy

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