What Is Personal Development And Why Is It Important

Definition Of Personal Development

To make it simple, Personal Development could refer to an ongoing process for a person to explore his or her potential and develop the skills and knowledge needed to improve areas such as the body, mind, and Soul to achieve their dreams and goals.

In general, many of us consider activities such as reading, listening to audiobooks, journaling, and taking personal development courses as a form of improving our Personal Development. In certain aspects, it is quite true, but not everything counts as personal development. For instance, the act of engaging in an intensive exercise itself shouldn’t consider as personal development, but on the other hand, it resulted in the development of one’s mental fortitude and resilience which is part of personal development.

So, isn’t it ironic? What it actually means? Well, it simply means that personal development is a process – a journey to getting you closer to anything you want to achieve in life. I love this illustration concept regarding the growth of the Chinese Bamboo plant to personal development. It teaches us a lot about what is growth.

The Story of The Chinese Bamboo Plant

The phenomenon that occurs in the growing phase of the Chinese bamboo plant is a very significant analogy to personal growth and development.

The Chinese Bamboo tree spends its first four years underground. Patiently nurturing itself, waiting for its time to thrive. During this incubation period, this tiny little plant simply shows no growth at all, basically focusing only on its foundation – the development of its root system. Its time finally came at the fifth year of its growth when miracles happened! The bamboo plant started piercing through the ground and thrived at an astounding speed of around ninety feet in six weeks.

From this analogy, we learn that the vital ingredients to succeed are patience, perseverance and hard work. Our efforts may not show the immediate desired result, but the process will strengthen your foundation make you into the person you need to become to achieve your goals. Personally, I think the Bamboo tree analogy is an incredibly powerful symbol for personal development.

5 Main Areas Of Personal Development

Embark on the journey of self-discovery. Personal development bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be. You can call it vehicle transportation to reach your ultimate goal in life. Here are the five key areas of personal development you need to focus on:

Health – Life without health has no meaning. Health allows you to live your life full of joy and make you able to do all of its activities as you desire. It is the key factor of personal development because it provides the foundation for peak performance in every aspect of life. At a high level, taking very good care of your health means being physically fit, mentally and emotionally healthy.

 Finances – Financial stability is another area that many people are working to improve. Therefore, developing financial literacy is a life skill that one must grasp for good financial wellbeing. When you are equipped with this knowledge, then you can be self-reliant and achieve total financial freedom.

Relationships – Everybody wants to be loved and respected by others. The ability to connect and build good relationships with others effortlessly. A beautiful and close relationship is an important factor for one to lead a happy and fulfilled life, whether it’s family, friends, acquaintances or a romantic relationship. Improving communication skills is also one of the objectives for any individual as it will greatly help one to maintain a strong bond with his peers, an advantage point in the career path.

Spirituality – Spirituality is an aspect of Personal Development that focuses on a higher purpose in seek of spiritual awakening. It is a gradual process and it happens when you realize that you are meant to exist beyond yourself and your ego. People with faith can build a deeper connection with God, overcoming the only hurdle between you and your ultimate goal and becoming more at peace with the world.

Career – For many people, career development is often the key part of Personal Development. It involves developing talent and the potential to advance in a career. The urge to be successful and the improvement of one’s life often led to entrepreneurship and self-employment. I think it is not a bad idea after all, “Why to work for others when you can be your own boss.”

Final Thoughts

Personal Development is a continuous process in life, refuse to complacency and keep going. Always strive to be a better “you” and keep looking for new ways to learn, grow and improve. The conscious attention you pay to personal development will reward you for a lifetime.

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