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Feng Shui Tips For Mirror Placement

If you are following Feng Shui for a while, you must have certain knowledge and understanding about Feng Shui. Especially, the use of “Mirror Placement”. The mirror plays an important role in Feng Shui study, the fact that mirror reflects everything and creates an illusion of a bigger space and bringing more lights, it also attracts and reflects incoming energy dispersing to its surrounding.

According to Feng Shui records, when the placement of the mirror is done correctly its powerful effects could vastly benefit the career, wealth, marriage, and even the health of the owner. However, if the mirror is placed in the wrong place, it can cause more harm than you can ever imagine. Therefore, the mirror Feng Shui is something one should not overlook. Here are some tips for your home mirror placement:

Mirror In The Foyer

The formal front door and the space (Foyer) inside of the home, is also referred to as the mouth of qi, the portal of energy. Where this energy brings along abundance and wealth. Many people like to place an attractive mirror at the foyer to visually enlarge the foyer space and the convenience to do a final check before leaving the house. It is absolutely fine and also a gracious way to welcome in the chi (energy).

Just make sure that the mirror is not placed directly across from the front door as it will reflect and repel all positives and abundances energies. Hang them on the side instead, either on the left or right side of the door. The mirror on the left (when looking out from the door) will enhance the luck of those male members and on the left will increase the status of the female members in the household.

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Living Room

Many interior designers like to use mirrors in the living area to create an illusion of a bigger space and make gathering feels more festive as it seems to double up the number of people. In the perspective of a larger space, it is true while feeling more festive, there might be a concern whereby the negative energies brought by the guests are amplified by the mirror and you do not want it to affect you in any other ways.

If you insisted to have it in the living room, just make sure the mirror does not reflect the entrance or any other door and window. Try to place it in an area where it can reflect pleasant views from outdoors either a river or healthy growing plants or rolling hills – that suggest a vast expanse of pure energy.

Another area you may want to consider hanging a mirror is the dark corners or spaces. By introducing more natural light to this area you could stimulate the Yin and stagnant Qi to invigorate the overall energy of that area. One thing to take note of is the reflection of your image. You must hang it at a height where you do not need to bend to see your image in the mirror. An image without your head will directly impact your self-esteem in your daily life.

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Dining Room

If you have trouble locating your Feng Shui Wealth Area in your home, take the Dining Room as your wealth “vault” instead. That is because according to Feng Shui, the dining room represents one’s capacity to hold wealth. Therefore, the dining room is the most suitable for Mirrors as anything the mirror reflects will double. Think of it as the increment of your capacity to hold wealth and the reflection of food symbolises double abundance and wealth. Just make sure the mirror does not reflect the entrance or any other door and window.


Feng Shui does not recommend the use of mirrors in the kitchen as this is an area where most negative energies are gathered and we don’t want to amplify that effect. The Kitchen is also filled with unbalanced Qi which is too strong in the Yang energy produced by that strong heating equipment. The water in the kitchen sink and the Fire of the cookers clash in terms of element harmony. The effect will cause the family to a frequent argument, especially the husband and wife. So, keep the facing of the tap away from the stove.

With a mirror facing the stove, the fire element and the Yang energies would be greatly increased. As a result, the Yin and Yang energy are unbalanced, you may find that the house is not as comfortable and harmonious as it once was. Please take note that this rule applies to mirrors not just in the kitchen, but also to living areas where mirrors can reflect the kitchen stove.

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According to feng shui, avoid placing a mirror next to the bed or anywhere that you can see your reflection in the mirror while lying down on the bed. Firstly, the bouncing energy in the bedroom will keep you awake, restless and full of worries. You might even scare yourself in some situations. Secondly, for the couples, it may lead to relationships problems as a third party may intrude into your relationship. Try to place the full-length mirrors on the inside of closet doors (which can be shut when not needed) or somewhere that doesn’t reflect the bed.

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Restroom And Bathroom

Based on Feng Shui, a mirror outside the bathroom is considered good as it repelled the energy from entering and being sucked into the toilet bowl and drainage thus enabling to disperse the Qi (energy) to other parts of the room.

Another taboo thing to do is place a mirror facing the toilet. As we all know, it is a place where we get rid of our wastes and full of negative energies. By doing so, you are allowing the negative energies to be strengthened and amplify their dispersion abilities. This will affect your overall health and loss of wealth.

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