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Don’t Do This To Your Living Room According To Feng Shui

Design And Decoration

According to Feng Shui, a living room should be the most harmonious and free-flowing room in your home. It is where you relax and spend time with your family and friends. It is also your way of welcoming guests into the home.

Some people like to design or decorate their living room like the hotel or restaurant they have visited, maybe due to sentiment or simply trying to impress the guests. It might look extravagant and magnificent at the first sight, but in the eye of feng shui, it is absolutely not practical.

You want a home, not just a house. Overtimes, it will create an energy that is mimic the actual one. That means a high turnover rate just like the hotel and restaurants. The energy simply cannot gather and this is really bad for the family member’s relationship as they cannot create a healthy and strong bond with each other. It is also crucial for married couples as that might lead to divorce. Therefore, the living room should be designed in a way that is comfortable, cosy and practical.

Identify The Commanding Position

No living room is completed without a sofa and you might be surprised that the placement of it have a vast impact on you.

Firstly, locate your ‘commanding position,’, meaning finding the spot preferable with a wall backing the sofa and having a clear vantage point of view of the whole room. Based on feng shui, with the backing of the wall, you’ll get all the support you need in life and enjoying the full view of the environment is associated with authority and clear judgement.

Secondly, never place your sofa under a beam or an object such as an air condition system as it is believed to restrict your career advancement and brings head-related medical problems.


If you think that a Feng Shui mirror is just an ordinary mirror, then think again. The mirror is more than just an ordinary mirror. It is a key to every successful life. Experts believe that everything has its energy. This means that the energy of an object is directly related to the life of the person that has it. The energy of an object must be transferred to the owner for that object to stay alive and strong. To do this, you should select a mirror size that allows you to see your entire head, shoulders, and chest line to ensure you ‘capture your aura.’

Placement is everything. Mirrors are used to create the illusion of a bigger space as such it doubles the energy of whatever it sees. Many people like to place it in the dining area. When the family gathers, the food on the table, the happiness and blessing they enjoyed, all these energies of harmony and abundance will be magnified.

Never place a mirror facing the main door as it will repel all energy that is coming into your home. You want wealth and luck to come in but not stale and stagnant vibes. If you are doing so, you need to remove it and place it to the right (For Woman) or left (For Men) side of the entrance. (Looking out From Your Home), otherwise, it will bring all sorts of unwanted, unexpected and tormenting situations in life. Some experienced the loss of wealth, money and even led to bankruptcy and defamation of social reputation.

Ornaments Or Mascot In The Wrong Place

From the perspective of feng shui, we use some feng shui ornaments to adjust our feng shui pattern, which can accumulate Wealth and improve our Vibes. Crystal column, Crystal cave, aquarium and many other Feng Shui ornaments are the most commonly seen and used objects in a home to attract wealth, but it needs certain knowledge to know where to activate and position them correctly. If you put the item in the wrong position, instead of attracting good luck, it might just bring you bad luck.

Refrain from displaying items such as horns, animal heads and animal skins. They are from the dead object and therefore all the negative energy will have a great impact on the people living in that environment.  Besides that, it will also cause your career and business to run into problems.

It is a good practice if you keep plants and flowers in your living room as it signifies life and growth, on the contrary, those dead plants and dried flowers need to be cleared right away. You don’t want to attract bad energy and relationship, especially the dried flowers which will invite fake or not genuine relationships from people around you.

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