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Feng Shui Rules For The Bedroom

How To Avoid These Feng Shui Mistakes?

When it comes to finding the right Feng Shui bed position, many people are clueless as to which tips and techniques work best. While Feng Shui principles are easy to learn, the specific techniques themselves can be difficult to master. Unfortunately, some people make their own mistakes that cause the whole process to go poorly. In this article, I will share with you some tips that can help you get the best Feng Shui bed position possible. Hopefully, by the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll have some great Feng Shui tips to start using in your home.

Bad Feng Shui for a bedroom is often caused by an imbalance of the five elements in the room. In order to balance these elements, you have to pick the ones that will work together to create a symmetrical balance. The most advisable element in this area is wood because the element of wood relates to the symbolic nature of supporting your body and energy when sleeping. It’s important to have an emotional connection that aligns your intentions with your heart, allowing yourself to open up and feel the energy of the room.

Bed Position

First, determine the command position for your bed, it should allow you to have a clear vantage view of the doorway without being directly in front or in line with it, this gives you a sense of security and is conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. Never sleep with the foot pointing toward the door as this is known as the “coffin” position, there is a saying that only corpses are placed with their feet facing the door.

It is best to allow your headboard to place against a solid wall and must not be against the window, because the energy behind the head when you lie down must be stable, if wind and energy keep moving behind your head, you will not be able to sleep well.

Avoid placing your bed or headboard where the other side of the wall is a toilet bowl or sink and never near the bathroom door. The door of the toilet in the bedroom must be kept close at all times to prevent the negative energy from spreading throughout the bedroom, these will cause health problems in the long term and also results in lacking support from important people in your life.

Space Around The Bed

It is vital to have good and balance energy flow around the bed. Try to decorate in twos, such as two nightstands (one on each side) as it symbolized harmony, balance and equality.

Base on feng shui, the left side represents the man and the right woman (when laying down), you won’t want either side to dominate over the other. Furthermore, the left side of the bed is associate with reputation and support from important people or friends while the right is dealing with your wealth luck or financial issues. We definitely want the best of both worlds.

Handing Mirror

Mirror, an accessory that tops the list in the feng shui bedroom. From a feng shui perspective, mirrors have the effect of messing up the energy where it reflects. So, keep it away from capturing your reflection when you are resting on the bed which may result in restlessness and amplify worries. It is best to hang it on the same wall as the headboard is.

The energy is believed to promotes the intrusion of a third party in a couple’s relationship and tend to have conflict easily. It’s especially important not to hang a mirror on the wall opposite your bed.

Beams Over The Bed

You might not realise it, beams over your bed. The effect of the beam’s pressure can create a mind that’s always spinning, headaches, migraines or sinus problems. Not only that, but beams overhead can result in emotional stress like worry, despondency, and inability to make decisions.

To remedy this, it is advisable to use the headboard with the same thickness as the beam to keep the bed farther away and not directly under the beam. Alternatively, you can place a clear crystal (not coloured) directly under the beams, this will work well too.

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