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5 Colored Beans In Feng Shui To Boost Your Luck And Fertility.

If you’re curious about the use of five-coloured beans in Feng Shui, you’ve probably heard of the bean-shaped objects known as Wu Se Dou (五色豆). These objects are meant to represent the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water and are believed to attract wealth, success, relationships and good luck. They are also used to charge items, such as objects or furniture, with positive energy. This is how you do it and it is really simple:

Things That Are Needed

There are no specific types of 5 coloured beans to be used. You can easily replace them with other beans so long as the colour represents the specific element. For example, Green Peas can be used to replace Green Beans. Preferably, we would like to use those beans that are similar in size as they look better on display.

  • Green Beans (Mung beans for wood)
  • Red Beans (Red kidney beans for fire)
  • Yellow Beans (Pinto beans for earth)
  • White Beans (Black eye peas for metal)
  • Black Beans (Black turtle beans for water)

Next, choose a transparent container that you like, size doesn’t matter. But, make sure that you clean and dry them properly before use, you don’t want to have mould growing in them. If that happens, change a new set.

When the container is ready, put the beans in such a sequent: the Green Beans first, followed by the Red Beans, then the Yellow Beans, White Beans and finishes with the Black Beans on top. Seal it and tie a red thread or ribbon on it.

Attract Wealth And Luck

The reason why they are arranged in that specific sequent is based on the concept of Feng Shui that all elements coexist in harmony and complement each other. The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The wood is used to produce fire; fire creates the earth; the earth is where the metal can be found; metal produces water, and water is needed for plants to thrive. And of cause, the red arrow shows the counter control of each element.

Place the bottle in your kitchen near to your hobs and hoods.  As you know according to Feng Shui the kitchen which represents the bank of the household, so it symbolised continuous growth of wealth and abundance.

Attract Relationship And Fertility Luck

Even though the use of the 5 coloured beans in Feng Shui is to attract good fortune and super charge an object with positive auspicious energy, it is also very potent for enhancing relationships and fertility luck.

This simple ritual is strongly associated to the conception of the ancient emperor’s descendants. The son of the emperor was known as Long Zi (龍), which translates to the Dragon’s Son. And when the empress is pregnant, she is said to conceive the seed of the dragon called Long Zhong (龍). Therefore, the offspring that result from Long Zhong (龍穜) is also called Zhong Zi (穜子). Since Zhong Zi (穜子), is a homonym of “Seeds”, beans are used as a symbolic item in this ritual.

Married couples who want to try their fertility luck and improve their relationship can tie the 5 coloured beans container with a red thread or ribbon to one of the legs of the bed. This must be done by tying on the side where the man is sleeping near to his foot. In any case where it is a platform bed, simply keep the container that is filled with the 5 colored beans beside their bed. It is an effective method for stabilising a relationship and couples who are finding it difficult to conceive.

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