Overcome Toxic Behaviours In Your Life

6 Signs Someone Whos Is Toxic

At some point in our life, we will bound to meet someone who could cause problems and stir up a whole lot of trouble. This individual is like a tumour exhibiting toxic behaviour, being manipulative, judgmental, controlling, self-centred and spreading negative feelings and emotion to people around them. You can refer to these people as being toxic.

But, there’s an elephant in the room when it comes to discussing toxic behaviour. WHAT IF, you realised that you are that toxic person instead? People are accustomed to pointing fingers at others and seldom will they make self-reflection on themselves. It can be easy to spot toxic behaviours in others, yet it can be very difficult to spot them in ourselves. Let’s take a look at some traits a toxic person have.

Manipulative and Self-Centered

A perfect puppet master who always wanted everything within his control and tend to exploit others. They will impregnate his opinions on people around them and go berserk if someone has a mind of their own, this is something they cannot accept and tolerate.

They feel superior and are selfish to others, living a life as though the whole world owns them something. They boss people around and lack compassion, you will experience an endless sense of deficiency if you stick around them for long. This arrogant and egocentric behaviour pushes people away, even those who may be once close to them. Being self-centred not only destroys trust but also ruined respect and relationship with others.

Overly Competitive

Though having a competitive side is not a bad thing, but due to the sense of superiority, they can sometimes cause a peeve interaction with others and people normally find it hard to relate to someone with this characteristic trait. This might also suggest that they will struggle to perform when encountering failure in life.

Blaming Others

When problems a raised or things do not turn out as expected, it’s always someone else’s fault. Fingers pointing and laying blame at someone’s feet is what they are capable of doing. Forsaken responsibilities as a disguise of their incompetency and playing victim to a situation or circumstances.

Attention Seeking

They enjoyed being the centre of attention, immersing in the sea of praises and flattering, constantly seeking reassurances and validation of others. These made them happy and feel confident that fuel the ego. They constantly needed a third party to give them the self-assurance or even end up going the extra mile to get what they desire, be it genuine or not they simply love it.

Obstinate and Judgmental

It is fatal to have an inflexible mindset in today chaotic and highly volatile world. Being stubborn prevent a person from progressing and adapting to this ever fast-changing society. Toxic people tend to be very persistent regarding their views and opinions as they think they are smarter than the others and they are always right even confronted with overwhelming contradictory evidence.

They observed and interpreted solely from their perspective and will never comprehend what others were trying to convey. They are also quick to judge others despite having mere fragments of the wider picture. All these are done based on the projection of their own beliefs and experiences which might be a weak substitute for the circumstances.

Taking Things Personally

They are obsessed with other people’s opinions and tend to take things personally even when they are not directed at them because any type of criticism may feel like a direct attack on them. They often Feel paranoid and over-analysing comments and actions as possible criticisms. The need for acceptance and assurance leads them in constant thinking that people are gossiping behind their back. Such paranoia makes cooperation and comradery difficult for others to work with them.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the commonly displayed toxic behaviours, you will realise that some characteristics are overlapping and some are intertwined. The most important thing is to identify and recognise them, avoid being enslaved and trap in these unhealthy behaviours. Learning to trust others and accepting yourself as deserving and worthy.

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