Are You a Highly Energy Sensitive Soul

Why There Is So Much Pain Inside Their Soul

It is well known that “Everything in the universe is made up of energy.” That is why some people that have an extraordinary range in their sensory abilities can pick up those unique vibrational frequencies. People who are energy sensitive tend to catch these vibes around them easier than the others, or should I phase it that their “Intuition/sixth sense” is much stronger. So, are you one of them who are energy sensitive?

A sensitive soul has a greater awareness of the energy around them and tends to feel and absorb it like a sponge from the others people and the surroundings as if it were their own. Depending on their personality, they can range from having a heightened sensitivity to a strong desire to feel connected to others. Here are a few signs that suggested you might be sensitive to vibrational energy.


Not all people who are highly sensitive to energy are introverts, but many are. It can be too overwhelming for them as they tend to gather all energy and take the emotional feeling of others, therefore most of them chose to withdraw themselves from the crowd and prefer to be in solitude. They are not anti-social, they just need a space to calm and stabilise themselves. A prolonged social interaction would usually make them feel drained.


Being empathic, a Sensitive Soul feels what others are feeling and sometimes even feel it as if their own. You will often see the energy sensitive person as the very first responder whenever there is a situation concerning emotional upset or being hurt. They really understand and empathize with people who are suffering and in need of help. This attribute can sometimes make them excellent healers.

Highly Emotional

Like an antenna, receiving various vibrational energy means that they are likely to experience extreme highs and lows in certain periods, ranging from a few days of bliss to an entire month of despair. Some highly sensitive souls are even very in sync with the phases of the Moon. The gravitational forces of the new moon signal them to go inward or feel retreat while the full moon feels a heightening of energy and a calling to release.

Highly Intuitive

Energy sensitive people have an intuition that is so strong that they could foretell things and events before it happens or even pick up emotional stress when someone close to them. Being deeply attuned to vibrational energy, they also tend to have a better understanding of the universe and its connection to the cosmic world. The ‘gut” feeling that they have may seem coincidental to others but to them, this feeling holds messages and are indicatives. That could be a reason why they can access other realms and establish connections with other beings outside this world.

Can Sense Negative Vibes

Sensitive souls can immediately pick up negative energy around a person or situation. If someone is lying or putting up a show can hardly get past them. Even though they might be deceived, deep down they knew this person is dishonest. Depending on personality, sometimes it could be quite confronting to others as they might not realise that the instincts are leading them to the truth.

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