Things You Might Experience During Meditation

Sensations During Meditation

You might wonder, what kinds of unusual experiences can happen during meditation? Basically, it depends on the person. Different people have different sensations and responses to stimuli. Therefore, the list below may not apply to you. However, you can still use it as a guide in case you are confused about what your sensations are during meditation. Just remember that the sensations that are listed below are only some of the possible sensations that people experience. hope it helps you in your meditation practice.

Difficulty Staying Awake

Staying awake is a common problem for most people, especially those who are new to meditation. The tendency to nod off and the desire to nap in the silence of the stillness is too strong to resist. But it is common, don’t worry. Nob off or sleep if you really need. No need to force yourself to stay alert, meditation is supposed to relax not stress. This conditioning might be a part of the release process your body or mind needed at that time, after which it will resume back to its usual way.

Reflexes Can Be Very Intense

You feel ticklish and twitching sensations during meditation in many parts of the body. That is due to the distribution of the imbalances in your body. Your body and mind experience deep expansion and rest during mediation and thus trigger healing and normalisation, allowing full expression of your emotions to take place.

These sensations can cause the body to feel uncomfortable. It is recommended that you ignored these sensations if you want to achieve inner peace. However, you should still spend time in a natural state because you will not be able to experience those sensations if you are thinking about them all the time.

Pain In The Body

Feeling pain during meditation is another common problem. If you are already adopted the correct posture for meditation, then it could be those deep traumas or old injuries from the past that are being released during that process. It is in fact a good sign that you are doing it right that now it is correcting and healing the old conditions effectively.

Continue your meditation and don’t focus on the physical release process. It will end naturally when the stored stresses are full dispersed on their own. Try to do some simple stretching or yoga before and after every session, it will greatly help your body to alleviate your old injuries and pain.

Growing And Disorientation

Sometimes during your meditation, you might experience a sense of expansion. It could be part of the body such as the feeling of the swelling of your eye or even the “growing” of your whole body, feeling really big and tall.

Sometimes you may even feel the loss of directions, unable to differentiate whether or not that you are upright or upside down; moving in an anti-clockwise direction or whirling in a spiral. That is why some people feel nausea during meditation.

If you happened to encounter such experiences, try to use a mantra in your practice session. If the sensations persist and cause you discomfort, stop the mantra and open your eyes. Relax and breathe deeply. After you have regained equilibrium, you can resume focusing on the mantra again.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the common experiences in meditation and it is perfectly normal. Nothing supernatural that you should be afraid of or neither do you want to resent the sensations, it is just the results of the mind experiencing more subtle realms of thought. So, just adopt a neutral attitude towards it. Be reminded that the healing and release process occurred naturally and don’t anticipate or indulge in them by thinking the more the merrier. If you glorify it in that way, you run the danger of promoting it beyond its natural need

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