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Religion is a faith, a devotion to everything that is considered sacred. It is a cult that brings man closer to entities to whom supernatural powers are attributed. I

Religion is also a set of principles, beliefs, and practices of religious doctrines, based on sacred books, which unite their followers in the same moral community, called the Church.

All kinds of religions have their foundations, some are based on various philosophical analyzes that explain who we are and why we came into the world. Others excel in faith and others in extensive ethical teachings.

Religion, in the figurative sense, means any activity performed with rigid frequency. Ex: Going to the gym every day, for him, it’s a religion.

Christianity comes from the word Christ, which means Messiah, expected person, the redeemer. It is a doctrine that believes that God is the creator of the universe and all life on the planet. Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism. All forms of Christianity obey the same scriptures, worship the God of Israel, and regard Jesus as the Christ, Son of God, and Savior of mankind.

Christianity has in the Bible the holy book of Christians and in the Church the place of preaching the teachings of Christ, through its Priests. The main religions linked to Christianity are Catholicism, Orthodox, and Protestantism.

Catholicism is the religion of Christians, a strand of Christianity, formed by the Roman Catholic Church, which has its center in the Vatican and recognizes the supreme authority of the Pope. Catholicism is a doctrine that, in addition to the worship of Jesus, emphasizes the worship of the Virgin Mary and various Saints.

The Catholic religion or Catholicism has the Bible as its Holy Book, and through it transmits the teachings of the Gospel of Christ. The crucifix is ​​the greatest symbol of Catholicism, as it symbolizes the cross on which Jesus Christ died.

Catholicism is a doctrine that believes in the preparation of the faithful for the salvation of their soul, which after death will ascend to paradise, where they will enjoy eternal rest.

orthodox religion
Orthodox religion is a doctrine that had its origins in Christianity, with the division of the Catholic Church into Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. The Orthodox Church is therefore a branch of the Catholic Church, with minor differences in their dogmas.

The Orthodox religion or Catholic Orthodox Church defines itself as the correct and true Church created by Jesus Christ, and which remained faithful to the truth, transmitted from the Apostles to the present day.

The Orthodox Church is formed by several autonomous churches and autocephalous Patriarchates, where the supreme authority is a governing board, the Holy Ecumenical Synod, where unity originates in doctrine, faith, worship, and sacraments.

Protestantism is a religion that adopted the doctrines developed in Europe in the 16th century as a result of movements to reform the Catholic Church. Protestantism is one of the branches of Christianity, which emerged from the movement that rejected Roman authority and established national reforms in several northern European countries, such as Lutheranism in Sweden and part of Germany, Calvinism in Scotland and Geneva, and Anglicanism in England.

Protestants would then be those churches from the Reformation, which despite appearing later, obey the general principles of the reformist movement.

Judaism is the religion of the Jews. Judaism believes in the existence of a single God, who created the universe. According to some currents of Judaism, Jesus Christ was a good teacher and for others, he was a false prophet.

Unlike Christianity, Judaism does not see Jesus as the Son of God, sent to save human beings. For this reason, believers in Judaism wait until today for the one sent by God to save the people.

Judaism is a way of life, associated with a combination of faith and religious convictions. Judaism is a family religion, and much of the Jewish faith is based on teachings received in the home. The Torah or Pentateuch is considered the holy book of the Jews. Jewish services are held in synagogues and are led by a rabbi. The sacred symbol is the Menorah, a seven-branched candelabrum, which represents the light and divine inspiration that spread throughout the world.

Islam is an Arabic word meaning submission, those who obey Allah.

Islam was founded by the prophet Mohammed, born in Mecca around 570 in Western Arabia. One who accepts the faith of Islam is called a Muslim. The holy book is the Koran, where the word of God was revealed to the prophet Mohammed. The temple is the mosque.

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