The Myth of A Soulmate

Sooner or later, the physical body will perish over time, but there is one thing that survives physical death – True Love. The theory of the Soulmate is about searching and reconnecting to one’s true self after many lives in different bodies with a missing piece.

An interesting Greek Mythology stated that Gods created humans with two different, yet joined bodies. Two individuals were created in one physical body with two genders, both man and woman, four arms, four legs and two faces who existed as a single entity or identity. It is believed that the two individuals were soulmates unified in one body.

It is believed that these beings had provoked the gods and Zeus decided to split them into two halves and condemn them to spend their lives in search of other halves. This is why we spend our entire lives looking for our “other half” today.

Finding A Soulmate

According to one popular theory, there is this one perfect person out there, that is meant to fill the last missing puzzle in you to make you complete. But in reality, no one is “perfect” in every way. So how can you find your soulmate? You may be surprised to learn that you can have more than one soulmate, and even break up with someone you thought was your soulmate.

Aiming for a soulmate leads you to expect the stars. When you end up receiving the moon, you are likely to feel short-changed. Eventually, your decision swayed “Maybe it would be better to move on” because the real flawed individual who loves you does not make you feel ‘complete.’ He or she just doesn’t have that soulmate shine you expected. Why continue to settle when a ‘real soulmate’ waits for you somewhere else in the world?

This sort of thinking leads to constant disillusionment. It will cause you all kinds of pain. If left uncorrected it will lead you so far astray that you miss out altogether on developing a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship with someone who cares about you deeply. Instead of building that type of real-life relationship, you’ll end up chasing a phantom. You got to understand that humans go through various phases in life and this special person came at that specific time to fill that gap at that specific phase of your life.

Counting On Fate

Counting on fate to provide a perfect soulmate is impractical and unrealistic. The idea of a soulmate is too elusive, too romantic and too beautiful to be true. Modern media romanticizes the idea of soulmate relationships. However, they are not completely fantasy. Soulmates can be wonderful people, and they do exist. But the question is, how can you find one?

The idea of a soulmate is romantic and often based on hope, faith, and fate. However, the idea of a soulmate can cause problems in relationships, as it alters the way you view potential partners and how you respond to conflict and disappointment. While this idea can be a nice one for romance novels, it can also be a hindrance to real-life relationships. In the real world, you can’t expect to meet your soulmate in one lifetime, but if you’re lucky enough to have met him or her in yours, the universe will help you find a match.

Counting On Telepathy

Counting on telepathy to find your soulmate is a wonderful way to connect with someone you love. While telepathic communication has its merits, it’s important to note that a physical connection is still necessary for an ideal relationship. Soulmates share more than their thoughts and feelings; they are like a second wind. When telepathic communication occurs, you may be able to predict what the other person is thinking before they even say it.

Some therapists believe that a soulmate can be identified by observing the way they interact. It’s not uncommon to notice telepathic conversations in dreams or prophetic visions. Telepathic conversations between soulmates can also manifest in physical symptoms, such as hiccups, sneezing, or burning sensations. A soulmate can share their feelings with you, which may be confusing at first, but ultimately lead to a deeper connection.

Accepting A Person For Who They Are

While it can be difficult to accept someone who has different beliefs or a different view of the world, it is essential to remember that we are all entitled to our own opinions. Rather than expecting people to agree with us or accept our differences, we should accept them for who they are and their imperfections. The opposite of this is to tolerate abusive behaviour or ignore personal flaws. Those who struggle with accepting others are usually the ones who suffer the most from abuse.

In love and relationships, acceptance means embracing another person for who they are. That includes the strengths and weaknesses they may have. This can help improve relationships. This may include the need to be alone with a special someone. Learning to accept a person for who they are can help you grow as a partner. The process starts with accepting the person you love for who they are. Once you understand this process, you can begin to express your appreciation to that person.

When 2 Become 1

Soul mates encourage each other. Our soul mate will give us unconditional support. This will not prevent us from pursuing our objectives as they support each other out of love and respect for each other. With our soulmates, we become an engine of love, empathy, and compassion. And it becomes contagious for everyone around us. Soul mates recognize each other’s vibration and frequency and become one. Our hearts recognize why we need each other and we are here to make a difference in our lives.

When two soul mates meet, it’s miraculous. All happiness is double and sorrowfulness is cut by half. They learned to trust synchronicities, intuitive whispers, and divine wisdom. Soul mates are capable of staying loving and improving the purpose of the soul. It is thanks to them that we continue to believe in fairy tales.

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