What You Know About Innate Energy

Is Your Energy Making You Sick

You might have noticed that in recent years, many hospitals and healthcare professionals begin to recognize and integrate mindfulness and meditation into their healthcare programmes. The medical community are realizing the direct connection of the mind and the energy that has a huge impact on treating patients. But to the scientists, they need evidence for them to be convinced and see it before they would believe it.

The Power Of Energy

For example, an experiment done by a Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto showed how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to energy such as human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.

In his findings, he showed how the molecules in polluted and toxic water can be altered and restored to beautifully formed geometric crystals found in clean, healthy water when exposed to prayer and intention. The following photos are images of photographs of the water in the Fujiwara Dam before and after the Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of Jyuhouin Temple offered an hour-long prayer over it.

Another fascinating example done on growing plants is the use of two identical plants of the same size and appearance were placed in two similar containers and wrapped one with every negative comment one can think of, the other with everything positive. They were placed in the same growing environment and each received the same amount of light and water. 

After serval weeks, the plant exposed to all the negative words seems shrivelled and sickly looking. While the positive plant appears to grow vibrantly and healthily, it even leaned its branches away from the sick plant. What is this happening here? That is because everything has its energy and the same energy attracts each other.

In Search Of Innate Energy

There are many people out there who still don’t believe in energy practices such as Aura, Meditation, Chakras and Reiki even though they are verified and witnessed by scientists on its energy’s impacts. They may not fully understand the interconnection and how or why it happens, the fact is that it does happen and in no doubt.

Something you can’t see or feel doesn’t mean it is not existing. It is a vital quote, especially in the quantum fields of research. Having recognized the impact of energy has on every very cell, how can you use this knowledge to be healthier? Here are areas to check:

Environmental Energy

When we talk about energy in the environment, it can also refer to the people around us. As you already know that energy of the same frequency attracts so, try to focus on being around positive people and eliminate (or at least minimize) the time you spend with those energy vampires who deplete you energetically. You simply just knew if the vibes are good or bad when hanging out with people that make us feel bad or tense.

Be Selective Of Energy Into Your Life

It is your prerogative to decide what and how you feel throughout the day. Every cell in your body is responding to the decision you bring into your environment. A simple thing like the TV programme you watch, books and articles you read, and time you spent on social media and the internet. Do they inspire and motivated you or made you feel happy about it? Or do they fuel you with rage, fear, frustration and discouragement? All these will have a great impact on your overall well-being.

Internal Attitude And Thoughts

Are you sending negative energy to yourself like the experiment done on the plants? Medical researchers have proven the strong correlation between anger and negative emotions that will cause illnesses like heart disease, stroke, and compromised immune systems. Things like laughter and smiling can make you feel much better, long after the activity that first made us happy. Remember, your attitude and thoughts emit energy and that energy directly affects the health of your cells that affects a person’s overall health.

You may not be able to see those energies, but you can certainly feel their influential effect on your body. Therefore, it is important to support your body cells by maintaining a positive energy environment.

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